New Book Renaissance Triathlete by Douglas Wood

Doug Wood has been a client for several years, we first met in China whilst I was part of the Sports Massage Therapist Team GB Team. During lockdown he has written a compelling, inspiring and thought provoking book.

“What happens when you are in lockdown and all your triathlon events are cancelled? You pause and reflect on what sport means to you and write a book.”

In Renaissance Triathlete, 74-year-old Douglas Wood – who has competed in triathlons around the world – uses numerous anecdotes from his sporting career to explore everything from tactics to equipment, mindset to injuries.

“The book reflects on my experiences as an older athlete. Why am I doing it? What motivates me to continue doing triathlons in my seventies?  What is it that I enjoy about it?

It takes a journey through triathlon addressing the physical and mental challenges encountered. Like many of my contemporaries I enjoy participating in sport. Since retiring some years ago I’ve taken part in more than 100 triathlons at home and abroad, spread across 17 countries and 4 continents. That’s a lot of bananas, t- shirts, towels and water bottles – people encountered and places visited.”

“While it should resonate with contemporaries it is hoped that others may be encouraged to keep going, plan ahead and not look back.”

Whatever your ability or experience, it’s possible to look ahead, keep going and enjoy sport. With a foreword by multiple medallist Alistair Brownlee, Douglas’ story demonstrates that true enjoyment of sport is gained from doing the best possible within the context of your capabilities.

Doug and I competing in the Denmark World Aquathlon Champs with a lot of jelly fish.

(Renaissance Triathlete)Perfectly encapsulates the thrill, excitement and healthier happier lifestyle delivered through sport, at any age.” (Graham Coull, the ‘voice’ of triathlon in Scotland)

Big Congratulations to Doug, amazing achievement and thanks to Rin Hamburgh & CoHullo Creative & Admire PR for working to bring it to completion, team.

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Feature photo credit: Renaissance Triathlete