Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

“While many people equate confidence with feeling confident in your own skin, there’s a difference between the two. Confidence is the outward expression of your best self, but being confident in your own skin is more about acceptance and self-compassion, which involves directing kindness inwards. BBC News cites research that compares self-esteem to self-compassion and found that people who practised the latter found a balance between being kind to themselves and recognising what is best for the long-term.

By learning how to accept yourself and feeling comfortable the way you are, it becomes easier to battle common insecurities such as not feeling good enough or being conscious of your appearance. Learning self-compassion can be a tough process, so if you’re not quite comfortable in your own skin yet, here are some ways that you can learn to be.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Feeling more comfortable in your own skin starts with learning how to love your physical body and who you are as a person. This doesn’t necessarily mean indulging in bubble baths and other pampering activities all the time, though they can certainly be part of the process! Try instead to focus on self-care that involves the basics of good health: eating well, getting exercise, and getting enough sleep and rest. By doing this consistently, you will feel more capable and appreciative of what your body and mind can accomplish!

Find Ways to Feel More Beautiful

Feeling beautiful is another way to love the skin you’re in. One of the easiest ways to do this is by dressing up, as it’s a powerful tool to bring out your most beautiful self. If you’re petite, Pretty Me suggests opting for sheath or wrap dresses, as these can hug your best features and adhere to fashion’s rule of thirds, which creates the perfect proportions while making you look taller and leaner at the same time. For plus-sized A-listers like Adele, fit and flare dresses are a favourite as they provide a classically feminine silhouette and a flattering fit. Choose outfits that make you feel your best and wear them unapologetically – you’ll be surprised at how much a simple change of clothes can affect your confidence.

Practice Mindfulness Through Meditation

Practising mindfulness through meditation allows you to develop your self-awareness as you train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. A study published on SpringerLink exploring the effect of self-compassion and meditation found that participants experienced lower levels of self-judgment and more self-compassion after mindfulness writing exercises. This can inspire a transformative process that, through discipline in thought, allows the practitioner to turn negative self-concepts into more realistic and positive ones. With a greater acceptance of yourself and your surroundings, it is easier to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Oftentimes we feel insecure about ourselves because there’s something we want to change. Whether it’s our looks, our quirks, or our perceived lack of talent, it all points to the fact that we are not satisfied. Learning how to be comfortable in your own skin changes that, and it is a process that entails Navigating Messy Growth With Kindness. Start by being a friend to yourself, and take the next step to feel comfortable in your own shoes and grow.”

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Image source: Pexels.com