Why Sports Massage might help you, EP Coach Paul shares his thoughts & a special offer

Checl out Paul’s great thoughts and sports massage offer… my photo

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With the Bristol 10k just around the corner and many more races coming up throughout the summer I thought I would remind you of the benefits and importance that sports massage can provide.

Virtually all professional athletes utilise sports massage regularly to improve their performance and as an aid in preventing injury.  What works for our Olympians also works for you!

So here are some of the benefits of sports massage.

  • Increased blood flow – Massage increases blood flow to the area being massaged which aids in the removal of waste products in the muscles caused by training or injury. It also increases the amount of nutrients reaching the area helping in recovery and building new tissue.
  • Relax! – After training you all know that muscles can feel tired, tight and fatigued. Massage applied to the muscle directly or on surrounding soft tissue will help release tension in the muscle.
  • Aches and pains – Massage is very useful when you have those little niggles caused by hard training! Massage can help reduce the chances of these injuries occurring in the first place or help recovery from injury by relieving tightness and ensuring scar tissue is re-laid correctly.
  • Massage is also very effective at working the muscles which are difficult to stretch yourself, such as the IT band, traps and lower back muscles. Also it is much easier to have someone else do it for you!

Give it a go and notice the difference.

You can book treatment with Paul on a Tuesday from 4-7.30pm (4-6pm on the week’s he is taking Bootcamp) at our clinic in Bristol, BS9 4PL.  If you book before 1st May, 2 x 30mins will be the special price of £34 – saving you a massive £12!! Perfect pre and post Bristol 10km or any other race you are doing.  If these times don’t suit you, there may be others available. To book email info@energisedperformance.com with your preferred date and time.  Offer only available whilst space allows.  Good times, Kim, Paul and Gail, here to look after your mind and body.