#MondayMotivation… Celebrate Everything, or Find Something.

celebrate everything
#teamenergised success this weekend… from beginners and first timers to gold medals…and awesome supporters… Remember, celebrate what you have done… be proud of what you have achieved, learn from what went wrong and refine your plans to improve next time. Then Rest, Refuel, Relax and Recover…. until your next event.
This weekend saw Dee O’Brien, Simon Tubb, Debbie Baber, Claire Lewin & Jenny J complete their first triathlon, I am soooo immensely proud of you, massive well done. I know it was a big comfort zone stretch to do it. I wonder what you will think of next and look forward to training you all the way to the finish line.
A big well done also to Sue H & John Wood racing at Warwickshire Tri, Della at Tockington… with the Team Energised support crew in action, Rich, Marie, Tim and Debbie, love the team spirit.  Marie Powell only went and won the Hever Triathlon overall, kick asse… and Kate Davies had a briliant race before heading to the 70.3 Eurpoeans in October. Dawn completed the Inverness Marathon, Doug Wood finished off his season nicely at the Argyll Triathlon and Kevin Stewart completed the Beast, what a wonderful weekend of racing.
I had a slightly different weekend with a concoction of drugs which looked like a chemistry experiment for the weils virus, the aim was to draw it out and then I have 3 months of other meds to take. You know when you really want to be part of something, like a child.  I really wanted to be at Warwickshire Tri with Team Energised, i totally love coaching and working with you all.  This weekend I definitely had my own race with the weils, it is amazing what you can get through when you have to, I am visualising this clearing things.  And I want you to know, that when things are good I feel totally fine and coaching you all, developing our programmes and growing the #teamenergised family is what I love.  So do keep part of the Team, get involved and share our experiences.
I’ve learned that many people find it super challenging when something different happens to someone, and they don’t really know what to say.  Just be honest, be supportive and be you. Wonderful you, that’s all you need to be.  Life happens, as so many of you know, and you never know what will happen. So be grateful for what you can control, and really don’t worry about what you can’t. Alternatively I found a cartoon print that said, ‘F@ck this, I’m off to Narnia…. ‘ so if it’s all too much, you know where I am 🙂 Joke!
Looking ahead to this week here’s what you can do:
Monday: Strength Training with Kim – 7pm
Tuesday: Speed Training with Paul – 6.30pm
Wednesday – Go Sober October – Who is up for doing it for MacMillan
Get out and go for a big, long walk, run or cycle and tag a photo of yourself in action – ‘#teamenergised14
Thursday – Do a short HIIT session, core and stretch
Friday – Core and Strength Training session
Sat – Big Bootcamp with Paul, 8.30-10am
Sunday – Easy 60-90mins run, walk or cycle
Coming up:
6th October – Festive Fit Programme Launched
13th October: Energised Rest Week, Small Group Eating
6th Nov – Sweaty Betty HIIT Training, 6-7.30pm, Free, Booking Essential
4th Dec – Sweaty Betty HIIT Training, 6-7.30pm, Booking Essential
Coming up…. Festive Well Fit Course, Winter Strength, HIIT and More.
Gail is back from a revitalised holiday, welcome back, Nina is off on her Winter travels, and Paul is about, the Team are well.
I had an amazing, relaxing Birthday last week… I can’t believe how old I am! Yet one client has me in their calender as 4 years old… funny really, as she said, at 4 you believe you can do anything, and there are no limits, or what if, you just try and try again, she said, that reminds me of you.
Thank you all so much for your wonderful wishes, cards and gifts, truly grateful and kind,
So plan those Autumn Winter Goals, let me know how you go & how I can support you best,
Have a wonderful week, 
Kim and The Team