Energised festivities!

The summer seems a long time ago, many of you have been out & about, racing & competing, achieving your goals & dreams…and Christmas is just around the corner!!  So it’s time for an Energised get-together to have some fun, relax and enjoy one anothers successes!

This year the Energised Christmas meal is taking place on Thursday 3rd December at Goldbrick House on Park Street!  Of Goldbrick House Area Magazine says, ‘Not only is this a great place to have fun but also to dine seriously’, and described by the Evening Post as, ‘where all the beautiful people of Bristol hang out’, it seemed like the perfect place to go!  Visit www.goldbrickhouse.co.uk to find out more!

The Energised Christmas meal is always a night filled with fun & laughter, as well has being fully booked each year, so call Kim today to reserve your place – we’d love to welcome you, your partners, friends and/or family too!