Energised Clients get married, pregnant & engaged – big congratulations!


Wow – what a week in the Team Energised world and a wonderful one too!!

Lots of wedding,  confidence buliding pre and post natal fitness coming … 🙂

Three Energised couples have got married, three have announced they are having their first baby and two couples have got engaged – any more, for any more!!

So the weddings first… A BIG Happy Energised Congratulations to 

Mark & Fiona – with their back to the 70’s wedding (!) – I know this will have been a brilliant celebration…. Ros & Dave for their special day… Ros was given Head Coach Kim as a Christmas present for her pre wedding fitness and her results were amazing – well done Ros!  And then this weekend, Lilly and Martin getting married in France!

May everyone from Team Energised wish you all the wonderful happiness for your future lives together and we look forward to welcoming you back to Bootcamp after your honeymoon’s!!

Following the weddings we would like to wish a huge congratulations to our Energised couples expecting their first babies at the end of the year, including Sarah, Gemma & Hazel 🙂 Head Coach Kim has been training them through their pregancy and know they are all entering Trimester three and doing really well – mini Team Energised clothing on its way!!  Plus post natal from Spring 2011 I think will be request!

And finally we would like to congratulate out wonderful client Kalpna on her engagement to Mark – they have been part of the Energised family for a long time and we know what a brilliant couple they make, and wish them every happiness in their future wedding and life together. Sarah & Nathan, new to Team Energised but regulars to Spinning have just announced their engagement also, and we really look forward to working with them even more in the future.

Phew!  Any more announcements we have missed do let us know…….!! See what happens when you join Team Energised 🙂

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and if you would like any pre wedding fitness tips, pre and post natal tips or confidence tips just be in touch!