Our Energised Big Weekender Empowers…. have a read how.

I love Team Energised. WP_002427

When I began in 2004 I could not have imagined, only dreamed that I would work with such an amazing, positive, supportive group of wonderful people.  From complete beginners with complex medical conditions, to people taking part in all sorts of sports to celebrities and Team GB.  Each one of you has taught and inspired me, so as your Head Coach, a Big Festive Thank YOU.

This weekend was the Big Energised weekend. Starting with the Big Beasting at Blaise, 100mins of fun and fitness through this beautiful ‘playground’.    I would challenge you over Christmas to get outside, explore somewhere different, run, walk, bike, swim…. somewhere new, it will re energise you, and give you a new perspective.  Let us know where you explore.  I love going off around the mountains in Scotland, mud, hills, rivers… open space, open mind.

From this, we ran out 3rd Make your Life Brilliant Workshop.  This year’s group was amazing, interactive and courageous.  We had some pretty crazy and cool discussions, with people celebrating their success, sharing their learnings and refining their goals to Make 2014 Brilliant.  These goals ranged from fitness to fun, well being to love, adventures to wealth and much more, think outside the box and decide what your intention is for the year.  Then set about making it happen, big or small, it doesn’t matter as long as it matters to you 🙂  I would encourage you to do the same over Christmas and if you would like some support, join our on line course starting on 14th Jan until Easter and truly make your year brilliant. My thought from this would be, “”Model Excellence, learn & grow. Never limit yourself with comparison, empower yourself to be your best’

After a re charge we all headed to our 9th Weston Prom Christmas Cracker 10km, and I had now adopted the Head Elf status to raise money and awareness for the Weston Hospice.  This is a great event, with over 2,000 people running and a good Energised Group all dressed up too!  Very proud of all the efforts from the Team….. what are you going to do over the Festive period and into next year?  Come and join a few Energised events, it doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, we will look after and help you complete your first race, or get a PB.  WP_002415

So finally we ended with our Christmas Party at Entelia in Bristol (they deserve the biggest thank you for looking after 40 of us so well!).  So much fun & happiness…. and so many things to celebrate.  The Energised SPOTY could should have happened!! From Team Pocock and Tim’s IM, Debbies challenges (that continue into 2014), to Simon’s Operations & Engagement (I am psychic it appears) to Rich’s 10km swim…. to Tina’s over 7stone weight loss… I could write for a long time about everyone’s success.  Some of you have achieved mini things that mean a huge amount to you personally, others ‘bigger’ things.  What I see is huge achievement all round.  So please, please celebrate your wonderful successes, celebrate who you are and those around you.  Yes, you could maybe have done more, something ‘better’ etc but you didn’t, so be proud of what you have done (or I will kick your asse!!).  My Team are brilliant too… Coaches Paul & Gail, PA Lizzy & Book Keeper Claire, they keep things in order and I owe then a Festive Plank & big Thank YOU!

Personally reflecting… I never stand up and speak at the Celebration Meals, but I really wanted to last night.  However, I chose not too… because as many of you know the legacy of the rat diseases makes me emotional 🙂 So, what I wanted to say, was thank you Team Energised for being the most amazing group of wonderful people to work with, I really look forward to 2014, supporting you with all your goals and our 10th Celebrations.  And if you are not part of the Team and reading this, come and join us…. anywhere in the World we welcome you 🙂 ep party

If you had asked me a year ago what my goals were…. I have not achieved any of them (http://www.kimingleby.co.uk/blog/kim-ingleby/authentic-my-galaxy-to-great-south-experience-learnings-have-a-read).  But I have learned a huge amount, met so many new, wonderful people & know this year has made me a better, wiser Coach for you.   100% I love what I do, and want to empower each one of you to believe in yourself a little bit more, so you can realise that potential that I can see in each of you, and allow you to Sparkle Brightly.

So that’s our Festive Energised Big Weekend Round Up Ramble!  Thank you Team, tweet @kimingleby your thoughts..