What can you do in 36 hours…. ?!! Authenticity from our Head Coach.

Wow, what a weekend I have had!!  Firstly I cannot thank everyone who has supported me enough, really and truly you all rock. Especially Rach, Sam, Suzanne, Ellie, Debbie, Ben, Alina and my Mum for starters and everyone who texted, sent cards, donated etc… http://www.justgiving.com/energisedkimingleby.

So, if you are reading this and thinking, what am earth is this blog about, well let me tell you!  It’s about the 36hrs of craziness I, as Head Coach of Energised Performance took part in. Grab a drink, nestle into your comfortable chair and enjoy the read…. awesome

I have written several blogs over the last year to 18 months, and this was kind of like the challenge from it all!

I am all for setting goals, seeing the positive, taking action and surrounding yourself with excellence to empower you and grow. Setting goals and remaining accountable to achieving them requires courage, support and commitment.  However, what I have learned is that actually being flexible and in the moment, is just as important as sometimes you just don’t know what will happen in life!

If you had asked me 18 months what I was going to achieve and where I would be in my life, I would have told you a million different goals to what actually happened.

Which was I had to stop, several times….!  In the last 18 months many things have happened, most significantly being broken into, sprayed with rhohipnal whilst sleeping and having all my valuables stolen,  completing the UK Ironman to raise money for my beautiful friend Emily’s,  little angel Ashley, having months of cervical treatments, my long term relationship ending & surviving Weils Disease, woo hooo!!  I only really planned the Ironman….

Yet you know what, 100%  I would not change a thing.positive

I have learned more over the last 18 months than I ever thought possible.  I have been pushed into the most uncomfortable places and without a doubt grown as a person.  I have been forced to stop, look after myself and with that  become a wiser, funnier (really I am told…!) and more balanced person.

But what about the 36hours I hear you say…. stop rambling Kim!

Well…. when I was really ill with Weils, and didn’t really have the power of my own thoughts I decided to enter Miss Galaxy Universe…. I don’t think I thought I would actually do it, as I wasn’t really thinking!!  I then was asked to run as part of the Great South Run with Team South to raise as much money as we could for MacMillan Cancer, thanks to a wonderful client Becky suggesting I go for it.

Now, you may think, ah she’s fit, this is what she does, she will be fine.   And granted, this is what I used to do, but sitting literally doing nothing, and not being able to do anything changes everything.  It is really scary to lose your thoughts, and even scarier not to know what you will actually be able to do.  However, with the most amazing support team of friends, professionals, family and coaches, I am pretty much back to being me, all be it I must be exceptionally mindful over the winter.

So.. what happened this weekend, I hear you ask…!!

I went on a massive journey… in every sense of the word!

Seriously I cannot tell you how out of my comfort zone I was, I don’t even know where my comfort zones now are.  There are numerous quotes I could give you on stretching your boundaries and you don’t know how far you can go, until you go there. And they are all true, 100%. I learned that with the Ironman (here’s the blog I wrote for Sportsister: http://www.sportsister.com/category/kim-ingleby/) , I learned this again training for Galaxy, all be it in less time!

So Miss Galaxy Universe is a combination of fitness, beauty and strength all packaged up into one amazing day organised by Sarah Donohue, with Jacqueline Hooton and Team…  I don’t know how she actually does it, military precision.  The morning consists of fitness tests Marine style from box jumps on 20″, to full press ups, sit ups, squat thrusts, bench press and full chins to name a few.  Its a minute on, and a minute off… ha, I’m normally only just warmed up after 10mins! So this seriously tested any fitness I had.  However, I, along with 140 super fit, strong ladies took part and I even managed 5 full chins, wooo hoo(its the little things!!). I have never done one before…. but the power of mental strength training & adrenalin is an amazing mix (I can teach you how to enhance this).

Following the fitness tests, we had a two stage rounds of Bikini Posing & Evening Posing…. this could not be more out of my miss galaxycomfortable zone if I tried.  When I went to posing camp, I know it sounds hilarious but its actually really tough, empowering and challenging, I was described as a soldier walking in heels, not sure that is the look you want on stage?

So, I decided to have a couple of coaching lessons with the amazing Alina Andrews, one seriously inspiring, wise and knowledgeable lady.   It really is good to practise what you teach, even if you are Coach, you are always going to learn something from someone. You cannot be expert at everything, and being coached puts you back in the ‘client’ shoes and you learn, you are challenged and you grow.  This makes you a better coach I believe.  And this is what I did with Alina, she pushed my boundaries, found my uncomfortable zones and challenged me to become a better version of me.

Someone said in a fun way to me, yea, but if I looked like you it would be easy, it can’t be that hard?

I think we all make assumptions, trust me. Yet, I really aim to never do comparison (it just sabotages you), never do judgement and purely do observation of excellence, learn, grow and focus on being my best.  Tell your story, make it positive, passionate and empowering, that’s my belief.  And always be authentic, which brings me to the scary part of the blog (almost as scary as sharing my bikini photo, lol!!).

Be authentic.  This is what I am 100%, and people often ask me, why are you so good at what you do? You just kind of get me.   Well, I fully believe, combined with many, many wonderful coaches and trainers that I have worked with, learned and grown from over the year, my childhood challenge gave me the positive focus and commitment to empowering others to feel good about themselves, inside and out.bikini

I don’t really share it, as what I do is positive and about empowering you, to feel good.  However when I was at the Life Fitness Global Trainer Finals last month I met an amazing lady, Cate Grace who encouraged me to write a couple of lines after Galaxy, as she said it would help people even more.  So, I spent several years when I was very young deciding that I didn’t really want to live. I don’t know what triggers this when you are so young, but it resulted in this being my focus and as a result, ending up in a hospital. The only young person there, with no access to anyone or the outdoors (which those who love me, know is my passion).  The details to this journey are irrelevant to this, but the next sentence changed my life.

I met a girl who was around 18yrs old, I was much, much younger… she said you have a choice, to die in here, as I will… or never, ever come back.  In that moment, something switched in me, I decided that I wanted to live my life, I wanted to make my beautiful family proud. I decided that I wanted to learn how to feel good, and empower others to feel that same. … challenging but I have never looked back. I am inspired daily by people & passionately, genuinely love life. When a client or friend is stuck, I just have this huge desire to help support them realise how beautiful they are as a person, and all the ‘stuff’ they think isn’t good enough, can be changed and probably isn’t real anyway!

However, life is a continual journey and decades on, taking part in Miss Galaxy Universe challenged me on many, many levels that only I will ever understand, yet it has totally enhanced me as a trainer.  I was scared to become leaner, and follow a tight nutrition plan even though my nutrition was pretty good anyway.  Yet with the support of good people, and my commitment to practise what I teach, what it has done has made me stronger, even more energised (look out!), happier and empowered ….  (Emeli Sande Song reasonates, I want to sing, I want to dance…. we are all wonderful, wonderful people … http://youtu.be/Q03E7oTc5qo)

I know 100% that I am now an even better trainer than ever before, after this year… as I have broken down barriers that I never knew were there, I have laughed, cried, panicked, been filled with fear and filled with excitement all at the same time.  What I know is that from this year, I know that I don’t need to fear anything (not that I really did, but you will always find a way of coping, learning and growing) yet if you do fear anything, face it head on, get some positive, passionate support and bloody go for it (excuse my language!!).

So if you are still with this long ramble (i did warn you are the beginning!)… then the long and short is I managed to get on stage in my beautiful bikini. Okay, so I did the best that I could in the moment….but definitely not the best possible.  I had the most amazing coaching from Alina, I practised more than I ever have done (my feet bled, I know how Strictly Celebs feel and that’s only a few hours comparison and not dancing….. ) and I did hours on mental preparation… but in the moment, on the stage I was just so nervous! dress time

However, I did it & should I ever do it again, I know it will be amazing as I have written down my learnings and progression to improve, just like I get my clients to do. 3 good things, 2 key learnings and one overall positive statement from the event, try it 🙂 This gives you growth in all areas of your life, and even if you have your ‘worst’ best moment/race, you will improve by doing this.  When you learn something new you go from being consciously incompetent to consciously competent, to unconscious competent (where you can really enhance mental excellence)… I am still learning!!

From the bikini section, came the evening section… which, whilst still uncomfortable, was a million times more comfortable than bikini 🙂 Modelling the excellence of the Strictly Come Dancing people I am fortunate to know, made this much easier to float around the stage, combined with Ellie’s wonderful make up!  Although I still need some work…. if it was a dressage test (I used to ride horses three day eventing) I would have been given maybe a 6 or 7, needs to relax and manage the turns better, probably engage hindquarters more… this will make a few of you smile!!

The evening came to an end with the Awards Celebration…. let me know tell you, every single girl involved is a beautiful, strong, positive person.  Each one had a different, inspiring story and I was totally blown away to be awarded the Miss Inspirational Sash. Really, really big thank you to Sarah, Jacqueline and everyone for awarding me with this, really, truly it means a huge amount. inspiring award

And what was super lovely was Soeli O’Hagan (who is totally amazing) won the best Newcomer (& 2nd overall) , this was a very special moment as we are great friends.  There were so many girls there that I have made life long friendships with, girls I would never have met if I had not entered with my Weily brain!!

So Sarah, Jacqueline and numerous other amazing ladies, thank you for one life changing, empowering, positive journey I had an inkling may happen, but didn’t realise actually would when I entered…

Of course being an endurance athlete at heart I had to add something else into the weekend… hindsight is a wonderful thing ;-)!

After little sleep to note I headed to the Portsmouth to run the Great South Run, with my Team South mates (again, new, life long friends have been made), Captain Iwan Thomas & Gethin Jones .  The wind was blowing a gale, yet the sun was shining brightly… and whilst I was truly knackered, and have done minimal run training post Weils, this was my comfortable zone 🙂

Press interviews and photos done in the Elite start box (what a privilege to be in that area), we got warmed up and ready to go.  Just before starting I spotted the wonderful Michelle Dillon warming up one of her Elites. Michelle is one of those people who just inspires you, she is one of my role models of excellence for endurance & my triathlon’s (we have presented together to our corporate clients and she just knows how to inspire).  So to see her, and share a big hug was brilliant!team south start

We set off, I did look slightly hilarious with my deep tan from Miss Galaxy Universe the day before…. but hey!  As each mile trundled past, I just enjoyed each step.  I know this may sound over the top, but I just felt truly happy and exceptionally lucky to be alive, and well enough to be running and enjoying the day.  I also thought,  there is something to be said for heavy weight training, as I fully believe this gave me the strength to run, when I had not been running much!

I finished in around 1hr 30mins, with most of the speedy Team South back at the VIP HQ long before, and a couple of others who had never run before, finishing just after me.  A great Team Event, well organised by Just Text Giving and Bupa. Team South raised around £6,000 to date, and Energised raised over £700…taking our overall total since Team Energised began to over £33,0000, yea!!

So there’s my wonderful weekend…. I promised a big round up of my 36hrs…. and I hope you enjoyed the read, thank you for taking the time if you did 🙂 great south ki

Two things to leave with… firstly the biggest thank you to all the amazing people who have been with me on this journey , from Team Energised to family, friends, and of course all of the Galaxy Girls and Team South, you totally know who you are and I thank you from the center of my heart.

And secondly…

I hope this has inspired you to believe that whatever you want to do, 100% you can do it.  You just may have to get a little bit uncomfortable to make things happen. But surround yourself with the right people, commit to the changes yourself and have the courage to go for it. If you get a day wrong, it’s just a day, keep the big picture in focus.

And if all your goals have to change or take a little longer, let that negative emotion happen (as that is normal), then draw a line, kick yourself in the asse, take the positive learnings and continue to grow…

Above all, learn to be in the moment too, learn to smile and have fun every day… this will have a ripple effect to all the people in your life.

We have one life to live, make sure you learn to be kind & happy with yourself so when you are old and wise, you are content.

It’s way better to make a million mistakes, meet people and have experiences, than sit and wonder what if…. but that’s just my belief on life. Follow your dreams, and make life work for you.


As for what’s up next…. I’ll leave that up to you to post suggestions for 2014, I have a few ideas… !!

In the meantime I’m resting up, fine tuning Energised’s 10th Birthday Year and catching up with my wonderful, gorgeous friends who have babies and families (and we joke that I’m having a mid life crisis, if so, I’m having fun with it!!),

Wishing you courage, confidence and contentment, to be your very best…. mind and body, inside and out 🙂 Kim x

ps. Dates for your diary..Energised Celebration Party for Life Fitness Award on Friday 8th Nov & Christmas Party on 15th Dec, everyone welcome. Next charity event is 9th Nov for The Poppy Appeal & 30th Nov for Children in Need.  Next Team Energised Race is Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest Challenge in London.

pps. If you would like any support, advice or coaching on any area of the Mind and Body just tweet me @kimingleby or email info@energisedperformance.

On Weds 11th Dec I will be doing a Zest Magazine Live Q & A on Facebook, so save the date for free advice too – Festive Fitness & Body Confidence.

On Saturday 14th Dec we have out Make 2014 Brilliant Workshop – everyone is welcome to come along, just message us to book on, or text 07720845849.

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