Real Style for Real People – Guest Blog Sam tells us how she does it….

I met Sam at the Women’s Business Club Lunch ( I host the group,very relaxed, Energised and Fun, You are very welcome to come along, first Wednesday of the month 12 – 2pm, men are welcome as Guests, message below for info!) just before Christmas, full of energy & passion for what she does, she asked if she could do a Guest Blog!
At EP HQ we thought, why not, totally in line with our Body Confidence Fitness System, which gets you feeling good inside & out, Sam helps you out with your style and colours. She is also a super Energised Zumba Instructor, so definately Energised….. have a read,
Last year I quit my ‘real’ job to become a Personal Stylist, relocate to Bristol and start making everyone beautiful.  And what did my family and friends think?  They thought I was bonkers!  What did I know about fashion and surely, only rich people have stylists right?  Wrong!  Whilst it is true I know little about ‘fashion’ (I wouldn’t knowAlexander McQueen if he threw a shoulder pad at me!), I do know plenty about style, and it is my passion in life to help everyone who wants to look their very best, every day of the week.  Whatever the occasion!
There are a few key factors when it comes to styling a client which go way beyond what is ‘in’ this season.  For me, it’s all about the client.  Their personality, their colours, their likes and dislikes, their body shape, their face shape, their lifestyle and their budget.  I always take a lot time to listen to my clients’ needs so that together, we can work out exactly what is needed for them to go home looking and feeling amazing!
So how does it work?  First I deal with colour – so important when it comes to looking well dressed!  When a client comes to me, I look at how their hair colour, eye colour and skin tone work together and from that I determine their ‘dominant’ colour palette.  That is the colour palette which naturally suits them the best; do they look great in bright colours or better in dark colours?  Then I test them for a further 2 levels of colour characteristic which will include analysing whether or not they have a warm or cool skin tone.
This is particularly important for women – ever worn a lipstick or makeup that just makes you look ill?  Once I have 3 levels of colour analysis for my client, I can now demonstrate exactly which colours are real ‘WOW’ colours – and how to combine colours together to keep outfits looking fresh.

Next its the really exciting bit: personality, body shape, scale, height, face shape, proportions.  Did you know, there are 7 different body shapes and yet clothing manufacturers will typically only cater for one?!  So what do the rest of us do?  Well, during my sessions with a client I will explain exactly what their body shape is, how to dress to maximise their best features and how to minimise their challenges.  I will also advise on where to shop to get that perfect fit each time.  But all the time I am doing this, my client’s lifestyle and budget are taken into consideration.  It is vital that my client leaves me knowing exactly what their personality is and how to reflect this in their wardrobe.
And the value of coming to see me?  Well apart from saving literally thousands of pounds in the future by avoiding those costly mistakes we all make when clothes shopping (the average person wears 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time – so what is the other 80 % of their wardrobe doing?), you will understand exactly what your best colours are, what your body shape is, and how to put all this knowledge together so that every day you can wake up and know exactly what to wear, and be confident that you will look  terrific!
Thanks for taking the time to read my little Energised Blog…… do get in touch, let me know you have read this & I will look after you well:-) Sam

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