#WednesdayWorkout: Working your Core for Run Fitness…

 WW020915 -2
Do you make the time to strengthen your core muscles for running?
Really do… it makes a huge difference to your stability, reduces injury, improves posture and gait when you fatigue and with the correct training can improve your speed too 🙂
Try these twice a week, 1-2 sets and let us know how you get on:
Plank (or half) – holding for 60-120 secs with good technique
To see how to complete your Plank with good technique watch Kim & The Team (3m 50s)
Lower Leg Cycling or Swiss Ball Lower Leg Extension – remember to breathe – 20 reps
Back Alternates or Superman on hands and knees – slowly, 10 each side
Half Plank or Full Plank with good technique – again check technique with the Youtube video – holding for 30-90secs each side, rotation is optional
Dorsal Raise – 10-30 reps
Gluteal Bridge – 20 reps slow and controlled
Press ups – 10-30 reps
Stretch and Foam Roll
Enjoy 🙂
Repeat for 6 weeks and report back!
For more advice and support do just let us know….
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