Overload…. let it go.

stella's thoughsWhat a week, full of wonderful Energised clients, yet what has prompted this little blog, is that every single person, when asked how are you, said….”I’m okay but I feel totally overwhelmed with everything and I have so much to do.”

So I would like to write this blog, and give you permission to stop for a moment and breathe.  Christmas is a wonderful time of year, to celebrate time with friends and family, to pause for reflection, to have fun, recharge, rebalance and relax.   It can be a wonderfully positive time, or a challenging time depending on where your life is.  Yet, wherever you are let go.

Let go of all the things you think you ‘should do’ … and write down all the things you would like to do & will make happen.

Of course, some things have to happen, so commit, plan them in and make them happen. Letting go of the ‘stress’ around it.

I know it sounds easy, but trust me, it will help to let go of the stress of being stressed, if that makes sense!

When I am doing my corporate presentations & we are talking about ‘life balance’, what is really useful is choosing 3 areas or goals you want to focus on, and the rest go into a ‘maintenance mode’.  If you look at the Life Balance wheel the areas are Holidays, Family, Friends, Relationships, Work, Finance, Personal Development, Travel, Charity etc…. to reduce the Overwhelm, choose 3 areas with clear goals to achieve by Christmas, write them down.  Then, take some time to choose  your 3 goals from New Year to mid February to Easter.

With regards to fitness, nutrition, sleep and well being over the Festive Period aim to do something every day, just 10-15 mins training and 60 mins movement will do, giving your metabolism a mini boost. Nutrition wise, do eat good foods every day, to keep you immunity and energy up, as well as hydrating fully.  We will give you more tips soon.

By taking the time (which I know is limited) you will reduce the Overwhelm, achieve your goals and enjoy the moments.

Sometimes less is more, and over a 6 month period you will actually end up achieving more, I promise.

Let us know how you go & keep a look out for our Energised Advent Calender, #FestiveTrimmings opening on 1st Dec!

And do Join our 3rd ‘Make your Life Brilliant’ 2014 Course, 14th Dec… kick start your goal setting & best year x