Reduce your Back Pain by up to 83%

Over the last couple of days we have been at the Back Pain Show at Olympia in London – what a surprisingly brilliant show, with many interesting talks, products, services and treatments. I would highly recommend it to people next year….

Energised were working on the Flexi Bak stand – – which is an amazingly simple, yet highly effective piece of kit. Designed by osteopaths, and used in thousands of clinics, hopsitals and homes, it is proven to reduce up to 83% presenting cases of Back pain, and increase mobility and spinal functioning for everyone.

The Flexi Bak reverses the curves in your lower back encouraging the lumbar and sacroiliac joints to open up. The scientific shape of the Flexi Bak supports 66% of your bodyweight in such a way that gavity begins to reverse the compression that your accumulate throughout the day. It is the compression of these joins which is the origin of lower back pain. As the weight bearing joints begin to open, the unique rotational action of the Flexi Bak allows natural movement of the lower back to return. As this is happening, pressure on the inflamed muscles, strained tendons, bulging discs and compressed nerves are released.

Big claims for a small piece of kit – but they offer a 60 day – no quibble return if you are not happy with the product. They retail at £59.95, plus £7 postage but you can order yours through Energised for only £57.00 including postage and packing, until 6th November – brilliant Christmas Present.

At Energised we use the product with many clients from those with severe back pain, pre and post natal women find great relief, and top athletes. We find cyclists, triathletes, equestrian and dancers really benefit from the Flexi Bak.

We combine this with a full postural assessment, and postural exercises to strengthen the core inner unit muscles to improve overall posture and strength for every day life, and to improve sports performance.

We also recommend books by Sarah Keys for simple exercises, in an easy format to enhance your back care programme – follow this link:

For training for professionals (great company)  in Biomechanics & Sports Performance visit Intelligent Training Systems and let Martin know Kim Ingleby from Energised recommended them and they will look after you extra well – visit:

For more information about lower back pain, postural and core strength please contact us