NLP, Hypnotherapy…..good, bad or whatever !?!


About 6 years ago I decided that whilst I was helping people become fitter and more healthy, my clients could still be more confident in themselves, and their self talk (you know that little voice or monkey as one client said, that always says you cannot or you are not good enough) could be so much more positive and helpful. 

So I read an article about Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and thought, that is the key to helping my clients move forwards and feel FAB inside and out….

I started my training with Pam Rigden (Fitness Unlimited) who is now based in Canada, so if you are out there make sure you go to her training courses…!

And if you are in the UK I can only recommend Emma James trianing, who I did my Master Hypnotherapy, Master NLP Practioner and Time Line Therapy training.  The skills I have gained since doing this training has enhanced me as a person, enhanced my professional skills and developed my business and life.

More importantly, it has enhanced what I can do for youif you want to feel more confident and become lighter but never have quite succeeded, if you want to race faster, be stronger, more confident and enjoy competing, if you want to find direction in your life and allow yourself to be who you really can be, without limitations – NLP & hypnotherapy will help you get there, if you are ready to make a commitment to change.

NLP is a scientifically researched, proven way of allowing you to move forwards, and I promise it is not filled with fluffy, pink happiness (unless that is what you want)!  It is realistic, powerful effective processes that give you great results, and if you want, life enhancing changes.

My clients that have benefited include Premier/England Saxons Rugby Players, Professional Dancers and Stunt Women, GB Medalling Triathletes, Olympic 2012 start athletes, international equestrian riders plus Business managers, Mum’s, Dad’s and teenagers…. it doesn’t matter who you are, it is what you want from your life…? So book a 1;1 session with us, or book a training course/one day workshop with Emma.

Emma is one of the most knowledgable, inspiring, challenging and effective trainers I have ever met. She is dynamic, switched on, highly perceptive and gets the training done in a way that anyone will benefit from it. If you want to do the best NLP & Hypnotherapy training in the UK (& possibly the World – yes she is internationally recgonised and I am not on commission!!)  I can only recommend that you book her training courses by visit 

If you would like 1;1, sports teams or business NLP coaching for performance and wellbeing please contact us or call Kim on 07720 845849.

What do our clients say this about having NLP & Hypnotherapy sessions with Energised .…:

“Kim has helped me achieve the impossible – to show me that I can do anything that I set out to do. Even the biggest dreams were made to look accessible and doable with her positive, outgoing personality which helped me push forward, taking what was in my head to actually physically achieving it.”

Daz Parker International Stunt Woman

“Working with Kim has been one of the most rewarding and worthwhile experiences of my career. I have found Kim to be dedicated, professional and above all super friendly. Kim has provided me with the tools to become a more better and more consistent Rugby Player, after working with Kim I feel more confident, focussed and I’ve set myself new targets I previously felt were beyond me… You could say I feel Energised!!”

Dan Ward Smith – Premier League Rugby Player – WASPS & Bristol

Words cannot express how much I value this change and how wonderful it is to feel so much better. Thank you Kim for all your generous support, knowledge and help – you are a wonderful and wise person.” 09 Coaching client.