Get Fit Now….Facts to provoke change!

There are often reasons as to why we cannot get fit or lose weight, below are a few things which might just help provoke change easily….. let us know what you think, and any tips you may have too!!

*  To boost your metabolism and increase your chance of weight loss aim to do at least 30mins of moderate cardiovascular exercise at least 5 times a week for 6 weeks, and you will be sure to notice the difference… make sure you vary it and chose something you enjoy to ensure you stick to the plan!

* Start to visualise yourself looking slimmer, and feeling good rather than focusing on the bits you dont like – imagine how you would like them to look – psychologists have proven that this is an effective way to increase weight loss and self esteem – s0 be nice to yourself and give it a go! 

* Do some core work every day but make sure it is a different exercise each time….try the Plank, crunches, side plank and dorsal raise – if you are unsure then send us an email to and we will explain more!  Also, remember to pull your tummy in and have correct posture whilst you are sat at your desk, driving around and eating your meals.

* Try to drink water, or herbal teas – at least 0.033 x bodyweight in kg – your minimum amount per day.  This will help you to feel great, increase your metabolism and prevent you drinking extra calories…

* If you cannot afford the gym then simply do some toning exercises at home – things like press ups, tricep dips and squats are quick and easy to do…..alternatively come along to our outdoor bootcamps for more ideas…

* Make sure you eat a balance of protein and carbohydrates – your body needs both to work properly.  Try to eat at least every 4-6 hours – little and often is better and will keep your metabolic rate lifted.

* Try and think about how you feel when you eat certain foods, rather than what the scales say….get in touch with your body and listen to its needs – you are much more likely to lose weight this way.  Then weigh yourself every 2-4 weeks instead – if you really need to.

* Eating fish once a week slows down the speed your brain ages by up to 13% (Shape Mag Jan 09).  And eating blueberries once a week will increase your memory…!

* Fat free products often have sugars added which the body will not recognise so it will automatically store it as fat in the end anyway…..good, natural products in sensible amounts is the best way forwards.  Good fats are good for you – they are part of our nervous system, amoungst many things and essential for healthy bodies and minds

* Research has found that people who have protein for breakfast, in this instances eggs, are likely to eat around 400 less calories a day…

We think thats enough thought to provoke some change…. so why not keep a food diary and let us know how you are getting on.  If you would like to truly kick start your fitness and wellbeing why not come on the Energised Bootcamp Weekend on 30th Jan – 1st Feb 2009 – for more information visit the courses of contact Kim on 07720 845849, or you could even treat yourself and come to Italy on 3rd – 9th May for an amazing week in the sunshine!