Train for your Needs

One of our Energised Coaches, Alex writes a timely and great Blog about training for your Needs…. have a read and let us know if you have any questions to help support you achieve your goals.

A couple of weeks ago I posted a quote on my Facebook account from an athlete named Ronnie Coleman who for those who don’t recognise the name  is one of the most successful  bodybuilders of all time. The quote is somewhat unanimous to his name and simply states “everybody wants to be a bodybuilder but nobody wants to lift no heavy ass weights” Now when he said this it was said in a slightly joking manner however it is also said in a DVD where amongst other things he does 800lb squats and deep down you can tell he meant every word of  it. The point…… Ronnie wanted to be the biggest, most muscular person on the planet and therefore he knew he had to lift some “heavy ass weights “put another way he trained to his needs.

I’m not suggesting that anyone reading this then go and load 800 lbs onto the squat rack at their local gym unless of course you want to be the next Mr Olympia! ( you may want to build up to that weight either way ).  What I do suggest is that you may wish to take time to sit down and look through your goals and training routines and ask yourself   am I training to my needs? Or are you doing what is comfortable? Or what you have done in the past? Training should be goal specific!  Therefore as your goals change so should your training, what you have done in the past may not be the most effective way for you to be training now.

If I link back to my opening and somebody whom is trying to initiate muscle hypertrophy then to continue to progress then they should look to slowly increase the weights they are lifting within the appropriate repetition ranges. What made a person a certain size will not continue to make them grow and therefore if they wish to continue then their training must advance. This may seem like common sense but most of us have been guilty of “going through the motions” in the gym and not pushing towards our training needs.

The energised client event calendar is filled with amazing events over the next few summer months from Triathlons’ and Half Marathons to charity races; to perform at your best you need to train to the individual needs of each event. To give an example of this a few months ago I heard someone asking a friend about how they went about training for a Triathlon? Back came a great simple answer “ I swam, cycled and ran a lot” This  again may sound somewhat obvious but do some people dedicate un equal amounts of time to perhaps two of the three disciplines as they prefer them or find the training more comfortable? To complete a triathlon at your best you’re NEEDS are to be as good as you can be in all three.

This also translates into a common training goal, weight loss. Sound advice would suggest you undertake  a mix of cardio vascular and resistance training to maximise your result in this area ( assuming nutrition etc is in hand ) however I have seen countless people sat on gym bikes or on cross trainers in the gym but not so many in the free weight s area. In some cases this may be due to a lack of training knowledge, in other cases this may be due to a lack of focus and pushing the boundaries that little % to make the difference.

Setting fantastic goals is a brilliant way to achieving results, make sure you get the most out of them by addressing their individual needs.

Happy training, Alex