Think about… Rest, Fun, Walking & Water – get the Little Things Right for the Big Changes

Whilst we are in Italy running our Fully Booked Italian Fitness Camp (Yippee!) we thought it would be appropriate to remind people of the little things, that make the big difference to your training… let us know what you think.

I work with all sorts of wonderful clients – from beginners into fitness, right up to GB Team Athletes, Business People to Teenagers.

Some people really want to become lighter, others leaner, faster, stronger…. whatever the goal I have found to achieve optimal success regular good quality rest, daily walking, lots of water and some fun is  part of the formula which is often forgotten about.

Obviously for this Blog I would assume that quality nutrition & trianing is being taken.  SO the focus of this is to get you to think about the other areas, the little bits that make the big difference.


So important in life. To allow your body to adapt and recover from training, to allow your mind to focus and re charge, to increase your motivation and improve your overall results and goals.I read an article in the Saturday Times suggesting that in order to maintain optimal state (in work life balance – and I think this relates well to sport to) it is advisable to take 3 (4 if you can) days off every 61 days! Why not try it for a couple of cycles and see how you feel – the perfect time to reflect, revisit goals, re charge and have fun!


Whaterever your outlook on life – making time to have weekly FUN is key!  Many people I work with suffer from limiting thoughts and self belief when they start working with me, and the Fun in their life, the number of times they laugh and feel truly happy is limited. I think it is so important to find time for laughter, happiness, good times, friend s and ultimately FUN! It doesnt have to be a big or expensive experience – just time every day for a moment to make you smile, and time each week to have a little bit of fun. Great to keep everything in balance and provide support  however challenging things may be.


Last year I went to New York City and walked about 6-9 miles a day – I felt more energised than I have for a while! This could be the rest, but also when you walk your body becomes  fitter and stronger, but is not put under any additional stress which it could be with a hard training session.  Walking I believe is key to helping you feel fitter, toned and less stressed.  Aim to plan in 30mins of walking per day – 10mins before work, 10mins at lunchtime and 10mins later in the day if you cannot find the time to do it all at once. So buy a pedometer and see how you go – all it needs is a little bit of planning – it will force you to slow down, plan your day and let go of any frustrations/create new ideas on your walks! Have a look at this new resource to plot your walking … Step Success and sign up!


The key to feeling Energised inside and out, looking bright eyed and bushy tailed (as my Dad would say), essential for you to break down your food properly, get rid of toxins and become lighter – is drinking enough water, little and often throughout the day. From starting your day with a pint of water and lemon to finishing your day having drunk approximately 2litres – you will feel the benefits. Buy a 2litre bottle of water – fill it up at the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day it should be empty! Anything extra is a bonus.

To work out exactly what your body needs try this: Take your bodyweight in kg x 0.033 and this will give you the minimum amount of water you need per day in litres – add 500ml for every hour of exercise.To start with this may seem a lot, so gradullay increase over a couple of weeks to see, feel and think the difference!

Let us know how you get on with being aware of these 4 things – we love to receive your feedback, and suggestions of future blogs. If you have any questions do post below and we will comment, or give us a call on 07720 845849.

Happy resting, training and having FUN!