The Triple Energised Spring Success…and a decision

What a wonderful few days we have had at Energised, how is your Spring beginning?  

My family and I love this product. For years we have took it. We fill thousands of online prescriptions everyday because our customers know that we offer unmatched value and the highest level of customer service delivered 24-7.

The sun shone through the frost as our Triple Event’s began. 

First up was our Mind and Body Fitness & Confidence Talk & Training session for Sweaty Betty.  The Boutique in Bristol was packed full of ladies willing to get involved, a huge pleasure. We worked with goal setting, nutrition, sleep patterns and finished with our exclusive high intensity proven training session.  Working with Sweaty Betty and empowering women to feel good, grow in confidence and increase their fitness is wonderful. Apparently it was like sitting with a health and fitness bible…. that’s got to a good thing!  WP_000996

Following this, the next night we headed to Sweatshop to run our Mental Strength Tips for Race Day Performance. Again, with people squeezed onto the sofa’s in the shop we ran a great hour fine tuning their brains, mind and positive self images as an athlete. One person tweeted the next day, ‘this stuff really works, a PB and one of my best races…. I can’t wait until the next race’!  It really does work, it’s like training your body, consistency in training the mind is the key. 

And our third event as with Tri Girl and our Beginner’s Triathlon Workshop all Saturday which was empowering too!  I love giving people all the tools and confidence they need to realise they CAN do a triathlon, anyone can.  When I did my first one, I was last out of the water, got off my bike as I thought I had a puncture but actually was just not bike fit and ran in a very wobbly fashion… but I completed and loved it.  And that was my parting thought, that whatever you do after your first race, remember to enjoy your races as you do more.  Never lose that enjoyment or sense of achievement, because however you do, you will have done your best. 

So as April whizzes along, take a moment to reflect on what decisions you are making to create your own success?  Are you deciding to become fitter and committing to that, or are you deciding why you can’t do it…. have courage to make the decisions that will allow your dreams to become your reality. And if you are not sure how, just post below or tweet @kimingleby or @teamenergised and we will help you. 

We are off to see the Shaolin Warriers at Bristol Hippodrome tonight for the Easter Outing and then the Bristol Spring Term Begins…. wherever you are in the World, join us, share your training and become fitter in mind and body 🙂 The Energised Team x