Team Energised are Inspiring… this is why!

I am not sure where to begin with this Blog apart from to say, I am so proud of my clients over the last week.  From my GB athletes to my beginners into fitness, you have all showed immense determination, focus and commitment to achieving your goals and believing in YOU.  Below is a brief summary of just how inspiring you all are….

The London Marathoners…. First Timers Linda, Ruth, Ian, Jenny & EP Coach Alex all completed their first marathon! So very proud of them and collectively have raised over £5,o00 for charity – amazing. I really look forward to hearing all the stories when I massage you all.  Then massive PB’s set by Alex M, Vicky T (massaged by EP Coach Paul), Sophie V (running in the Elite for Westbury Harriers – amazing sub 3hrs, respect) & Greg.  And then massive shout out to Danielle from Sportsister magazine (EP associate), Jenni Falconer sub 4hrs post natal time, respect!! (fellow Bodyfit Magazine writer – check out her great monthly column) & BBC 1’s Greg James. So proud of you all  – anything is possible.

The European Triathlon Champs in Israel – Mel Ryding 4th, so close to podium and her story is inspiring, having lost several stone she is now a GB age group athlete achieving great things, keep a look out for her this year! Massive congratulations to John Wood too, great results, so close too 🙂 Mental Strength right there.

Olympic Qualifiers and National Selections – GB Syncho Swimmers & Lacrosse National Selections – brilliant, energised Mental Strength & Focus… keep a look out for results and inspirational stories coming soon!

Badminton Horse Trials – massive congratulations to my cousin Louisa Milne Home qualifying for Badminton Horse Trials, keep a look out for her at this World Class competition starting next week – her horse is called Kind Eider – brilliant combination and so much luck, so proud of you! Gooood Luck.

White Horse Bike Sportive– Tim Pocock, cycling around 100km plus this man is on a mission and coupled with his wife Debbie, they are such a wonderful couple to work with and I look forward to watching an awesome season unfolding!

Intensive Bootcamp & Saturday Big Bootcamp – Ian, Kate, Lorraine & Lindsay completed 8-10 days in a row, amazing efforts and fitness, massive well done.  And a huge welcome to Simon Tubb and Rhona Borthwick who came to Bootcamp, both have conditions that could limit their belief in themselves to get fit but it does not.  With a mix of Spina Bifida, Mysthenia Gravis, Brain & Neurological conditions, ill let you find out who has what, they are an inspiring duo who I am really proud and honoured to work with. Thank you.

So I hope if you read this Blog it inspires you to do something that stretches your boundaries! It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, as long as it matters to you. And whatever it may be, we can help you reach your goals and beyond, just get in touch.  Feel free to share your success stories and goals below …

Have the best week, and we hope you like the photo – we thought it would re energise you this week!

Blog to follow on recovery with Running Bug – keep a look out for it.