Racing Weekend, Team Energised Rocked – Well Done!

Just an update from the weekend of racing…. wow – Team Energised you Rocked!

Brilliant Podium finishes at Marizian Triathlon , PB’s all over the place, First Timer’s finishing their races and Emma James benching 192.5kg at BodyPower – that is Amazing!

Take a moment to write down the Top 3 things that you did well at the race, 2 things you would do better and how, and then 1 more good thing, implement this and bring on your next race…

Any questions just let us know! Happy Weeks and BIG WELL DONES!

Lots of Team Energised & our Mental Strength Performance Clients out and about racing this weekend….. 

Remember to be calm, focused and give your very best performance on the day – be your very best YOU.  You can be aware of the competition, but focus on what you need to do, to give you best and forget everything else.

The line up!

Marizian 70.3 Triathlon, Bristol 10km, Bradford on Avon Triathlon, Black Rat Sportive, 24 hour Kayak with Bristol Rugby Foundation and Eton Triathlon World Qualifiers…..if it is your first race ever, or you are looking for a PB or qualification time, go for it.

Energised Good Luck to Sam H, Ruth, Della, Alex, Sophie, Mel, Emma, Ben, Lorraine, Kate, Di, Pip, Jenny, Richard, Lindsay, Mary, Simon and many others 🙂 We shall report back after on some exciting goals that have been set!

If you are looking for something different to do this weekend, head up to Birmingham to BodyPower 2012 – filled with great fitness and nutrition advice, combined with inspirational demo’s, athletes and people – click here to find out more: – something for all levels of fitness, have a look around the site. Massive Good Luck to Emma James competing (best NLP Trainer around – check out her site: And Good Luck to Camilla Aryton, presenting ViPR on stage for the first time at the show, I know she will be great.

Do comment and let us know what you are up to this weekend too…….