Peace be the Journey from EP Coach Alex

EP Coach Alex highlights the importance of Courage….. have a read and enjoy. 

The title of this blog “ Peace be the journey” happens to be one of my
favourite phrases, it is stated to be the meaning of the term “Cool
Running’s” which again  happens to be the title of one of my favourite
films.  For anyone who hasn’t seen this film the story, which is based
on real life,  in a light hearted nature follows four Jamaican
Sprinters who train to become a bobsleigh team and enter the winter
Olympics. Is there a point here? Yes…. I shall get to it… whilst this
is somewhat of a comedic film it also has some great underlying
motivational and sporting ideals  you could choose to look  into.  I
therefore thought I would share some of my thoughts around this with

The start of this film follows an extremely dedicated and motivated
100m sprinter named Derise who is training for the Olympic trials, due
to circumstances beyond his control he is tripped up in his heat and
fails to qualify. Determined to reach his Olympic dream and refusing
to give up he realises that his skill set can be translated onto the
start of a bobsleigh race where a sprinters power and speed is
required to push the sleigh. He then through pure persistence manages
to persuade a retired coach to help him make the transition. This idea
I believe could be brought into the everday life’s of those people
reading this blog, never give up on your dreams!  and when misfortune
or barriers face you then be courageous to follow them and if need be
allow yourself to be adaptable or open to change. If for example
injury prevents you from partaking in one sport or discipline then why
not re focus and excel in another? We are here at Energised to guide
you and assist you with these transitions if you set yourself some
exciting new goals, its never too late.

As the film progresses Derise finds three fellow sprinters to help him
in his endeavour as the event requires a four man team, all four come
from differing backgrounds and as their experiences bond them together
they unite into almost brothers. I see this is a timely reminder of
the beauty of team sports and again this is something that having
played rugby throughout school and university I strongly recommended
to anyone who wishes to find friendship, extra motivation and balance
in there training.  Team sports generally lead to the building of
friendships for life and can also help some individuals to bring their
performance to the next level.

At a later point our main character Derise is shown Sitting in his
hotel room visualising the race and learning all the turns of the
course as he is tasked as the driver and in essence he is in charge of
the safety of the others. This could be seen as the films touching on
mental strength and shows that a positive mind set and prior
visualisation of an event can be so beneficial for the optimum
performance on the day.  Again Kim ( Head Coach ) is running some
amazing workshops and 1 to 1 session in this field if you wish to
really gain the edge! Let us know.

The final scenes of the film are as the Jamaican teams bobsleigh,
through an equipment failure crashes short of the finish line.
Determined to finish the race and despite having lost their chance of
winning a medal the four athletes pick up the bobsleigh and carry it
over the finish line earning the respect and admiration of the other
competitors. This is the last lesson that the film in my eyes alludes
too, that winning can be done in many ways and that by finishing a
goal or by fulfilling a dream  a person can win a  gold medal without
ever having set foot on a podium. Be proud of your achievements and
find the courage to finish what you set out to do. “ Can lightning run
on ice? “ In this case it did, prove the doubters wrong.

I wish you cool running’s