Party Time….BIG Energised Thank You to my Amazing Team!

WOW, wow, wow…. I am blessed to work with such an amazing, wonderful, varied group of people.  From my teenagers to cipro prices 80+yr olds, Celebrities, Team GB and everyone inbetween…. Team Energised truly rocks. Ben's_18th_873[1]

Last night we celebrated our achievements, everyone’s and my Life Fitness Global Personal Trainer to Watch, Miss Galaxy Universe Inspirational Sash, hitting over £34,000 for Charity & learning how to manage the ‘rat’ disease.  I really am so grateful to each every one of you, all over the World who I work with, and each person who came last night to celebrate.  So much fun, and you just being there made my night.  So thank you, thank you to everyone who came & to everyone who couldn’t make it, we know you were there in spirit and some of the Team definitely raised a drink for you (or two, more about that later!).

And then your naughty wonderful lot gave me a few gifts, so very special it brings tears to my eyes as I type. Thank You.  The most beautiful silver bracelet and Energised Blue necklace from Clifton Rocks, something I will have for the rest of my life and think of you all, thank you to everyone who was involved in this, especially Dee & Kalpna for choosing so well.  And for my beautiful ‘Scottish’ flowers, aye the best as I sit and type this.  And then, the t shirt, wow!!  In Energised blue & Gold Kim Ingleby Ben's_18th_865[1]Personal Trainer to Watch 2013 on the back, and We are Following Kim on the front (I am not so sure about this….Lauren Life Fitness what have you started…!).  And the most wonderful card.  You all know how much this means to me, so I’ll stop now, but just know that however well I know you, whatever work we have done together, or maybe you have just read a blog or tweet, thank YOU for being part of Team Energised.  There are nearly 1,500 ‘active’ energised ones out there, you all inspire Me, so thank you.

We spent sometime discussing our 10th Birthday Plans, what challenges and events will be available and will we do a Strictly Energised Charity Party (any requests who are ‘show’ people should be just let us know)…. let us know what you think, what you would like or any suggestions. My aim is to hit £40,000 for our 10th Birthday on 4th May 2014.  My aim is also to give you all the on line programmes and courses you keep asking for on Mental Strength, Inside Out & Be Energised, so between Dec and May this will happen, along with some other pretty cool stuff.

So now is your time speak and request what you would like more of, how we can improve, how we can give you more of what you want and truly make a difference in life.  Get your friends involved and spread the Energised Philosophy and grow the Family…  Just Ben's_18th_805[1]comment below, visit our website, tweet @kimingleby or visit our Facebook page: to see more photos and get involved.

If you are in Bristol tomorrow (Sunday), pop to Sweatshop and see Jan & Heather for a great discount and gift voucher if you spend £50 or more as a Thank You to you from us for being part of Energised.  Each one of you is wonderful,

The Biggest Thank you for the centre of my Energised heart and every muscle in between, Kim xx

ps. Those who missed the Big Beasting after the ‘Party’ will be doing some additional burpees next week, look out…  aye aye!!