Our Nuun Review, key to getting your hydration right

The importance of hydration is key for optimal performance, recovery and energy levels.  EP Coach Alex reviews this great product Nuun, in a range of flavours and we have 20% off for all readers … just read on to the end of the Blog to get the code!

As many of you will know the sports supplementation industry is rapidly growing and is vast and diversified in its nature.  The problem with such choice in brands and product lines is that it can lead to:

(1)    Confusion to the consumer, which product best suits them?

(2)    Uncertainty as to what each individual product contains and what these active ingredients, often referred to as proprietary blends actually do?

This review, I am delighted to say does not fall foul of these issues as two weeks ago I was sent a selection of electrolyte tablets to trial from the excellent people at nuun active hydration. These tablets fit into what I would describe as the Pre/ Inter and Post workout sports drink categories. They are designed to be used in any sports or activities to aid in your hydration and allow your body to maintain its maximum performance for longer. The tablets can also be used as stated for after training as part of your recovery regime, they are also suitable for use by anyone.

I am currently at the time of writing in the final stages of training for the London marathon (pleased to say that I completed in 4hrs 27mins, more of that to come!)  and therefore could not have been happier to trial and implement this product into my own training plan.

What do you get per tablet?

The key to this question is really what you don’t get! Unlike many similar products out there the key to nuun tablets is that they have no or ” none / nuun ” sugar in them. This to me has two key benefits. Firstly those on strictly controlled diets or anyone wishing to maintain optimal body fat/performance levels do not need to worry about the excess calories/insulin spike caused by the introduction of sugar into the body. Secondly  some athletes will find that their stomach may be upset by the sugar content of some similar sugar containing sports drinks, this here is therefore avoided.

Unlike many sports drinks nuun is  also free from stimulants such as caffeine and lack any supplements such as creatine and beta alanine which are found in many popular

” gym / energy drinks ”

You do however still get the optimum levels of:

(1)    Sodium  (salt) which helps maintain water balance

(2)    Potassium (also found in bananas )which help with muscle and brain function

(3)    Magnesium (also found in  almonds , pumpkin seeds and spinach) which helps in  prevent cramping

(4)   Calcium ( found in dairy sources) this is essential for muscle contractions and a normal heart rhythm

When do you take them?

I have alluded to this above but this product can be used  both before and after exercise (in my case running) It can also be used as an inter workout drink in the gym or taken in a bottle to sip around endurance events as per other similar products.nuun also claim that they may be beneficial after a night out! I have yet to find this out but please let me know!! The tablets also come in a conveniently small sized 12 tablet carrying cylinder which is ideal to place into your gym bag or car.

How do they taste?

In short, very nice! The tablets are left for two minutes to dissolve in approximately 500ml of water, despite the fact that they have no added sugar I think they taste fantastic! And again due to the lack of sugar the water retains a very clean and refreshing consistency. The range now consists of 11 flavours so there is one for every taste, I personally have been using the tri berry flavour which is great and the range is truly extensive with new added flavours such as Strawberry Lemonade also available.

How effective are they?

Down to i guess the most important factor, how did they assist my training? From my personal use I think this a great product. I have certainly felt a quicker return of my hydration levels having drank one of these after training. I have also  felt strong whilst out running having drank one before heading out which has allowed me to begin with an optimal  level /equilibrium  of electrolytes in my system. Cramp is something that for myself can on occasions onset later on after i have run, this seems to have been reduced since the introduction of this product. I find nuun easy to drink even straight after a training session as they are not too sweet and I find the the removal of sugar is an important benefit.

Overall I recommend you give them a go and let us know how you get on.

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