Olympic Magic & Games Making…

A couple of year’s ago I filled in a form to be a Games Maker.  I didn’t really think too much about it. Then I got asked for an interview, then I did the Test Event, then we had numerous training session’s, in various locations in London over the last two year’s and then….. I became a Games Maker!   So what, why and how was it…. 

Well firstly, I am really lucky to have worked with the GB Triathlon Team as one of the Senior Sports Therapists (& Performance NLP Coaches) for the Age Group Team since 2006, so working with Elite Sport, travelling, looking after the athletes to allow them to do their best, really has become second nature.  However, being part of the Olympics really is something special.

And because I have done some much voluntary work with Elite athletes, I really wanted to be part of the Olympics.  And so being selected was amazing, and being involved even more so. These experiences inspire me, and hopefully have a ripple effect into the clients I work with, whatever their fitness level or aspiration. 

So the day dawned. After all the training had been completed, the alarm was set for 3.15am both days (Saturday and Tuesday for Triathlon were my shifts), bike ready, food & Games Maker Kit ready, it kind of felt like the UK Ironman all over again!  I jumped out of bed to hear the pouring rain (oh well, I am an outdoor’s girl and the Energised Moto is whatever the weather we are there, so just get on with it!), kit on (no spare room for dry clothes in a Games Maker’s rucksack but it does dry quickly), I cycled the 25km to Hyde Park, past people falling out of night clubs (!), through silent sleeping London roads and alongside night buses filled with purple and red volunteer’s! 

Once checked in (airport style), we met our brilliant Sector Leader, Murray Dark, who organised ‘Delta Force‘ into an efficient, well organised team.  For both days I was at the crossing point next to Wellington Arch, on Hyde Park Corner, immensely busy and an awesome spot for the bike.  The crowds, noise, passion, energy, pace and sheer excitement is a day I will always remember.   Both the men’s and women’s race were captivating, fast and focused.  A true example of dedication to sport, and inspiration for many.  The day’s finished around 3pm and we all dispersed, ‘Hi Ho, Hi Ho our work was done!’. 

I’ll write another Blog about the inspiration of the Olympics overall but for this one… it is the inspiration of the Games Makers.  I met clients, friends and colleagues throughout the journey and made many new friends, each person with a different story to tell. And each person was filled with smiles, optimism for the future and excitement of new goals they were going to achieve. 

I fully believe that for many people, and especially two of my clients, who were also Games Maker’s the experience will have been life changing.  They have told me how they have made so many new friends, realised that they can do more than they imagined and really believed in themselves.  The passion and spark I have seen ‘light’ within them is something no one could have predicted from just being a ‘Games Maker’, but this is what is great about taking opportunities in life.  You never know where it might take you, you never know what will happen (and it won’t always work out) but you will always learn, and always grow from experiences… I am especially excited for these two Games Maker’s & 4 teenagers I spoke to who specifically said the Games had changed their life! 

So…Whatever anyone say’s about the legacy of the Games, I know that with the work Energised & many other amazing people do, the Games will make a difference.  We just have to give people the courage, confidence and route to show them how to begin to feel good, Inside and Out.  I’m proud to have been a Game’s Maker, proud to be part of Jasmine Flatter’s Triathlon Team (that lady is truly amazing, go and have a chat with her if you ever get the chance), Murray Dark’s Delta Force and Alan’s Sector Crossing! 

The GB athletes I have been working with using Mental Strength Skills have all performed above their expectations, and a couple have added an Olympic Medal to their collection….I already have two athletes on the Gain the Edge performance programme for 2016! Woo hoo…. 

So, to all the Games Maker’s out there, you are all amazing!  We are part of the Olympic Legacy, and also part of the Olympic wave. Please share your stories of the Games, be that as an athlete, participant, spectator, Games Maker, mascot, whatever. And bring on Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games & rio 2016!

Be inspired to set a Goal – whatever excites you from Sport to Fashion, Fitness to Finance, Confidence to Wellbeing it doesn’t matter as long as it inspires you, and you would feel amazing if you achieved it! 

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ps. I am in the photo… can you spot me!!