Make August Your BEST Month Yet….

Welcome to August 2012. The month of Passion, Purpose, Courage and Commitment I have decided with the Olympics in full swing what better time to reflect on what you have achieved this year, and what you want to make happen by from September to December 2013!

So take a BIG Piece of Paper and write down the following: 

What are you Passionate About: 

What is your Purpose for the next 3-4 months of 2012:

What do you need Courage to Make Happen: 

How can fully Commit to Making these things happen: 

Start by writing all the things you are Passionate about… from becoming lighter to getting a new job, increasing your confidence to increasing your wealth.  Then choose 3 areas and answer the following 3 questions. 

Have FUN with it, play with the ideas and then, leave it for 24 hours, return and create some structure, clarity and commitment to it!  Enjoy and if we can help in anyway to help you achieve your goals this Autumn, just let us know. Sometimes the smallest nudge and support makes the biggest difference so don’t be afraid to ask (we can do this on Skype, phone call or face to face!). I am going to do just the same and will report back next week! Kim 🙂

For inspirational words, posters and gifts, Daring and Mighty is Great!! Perfect to set your August – December Goals with –