Limited edition Flexi Bar order at Budget prices! Order yours….

The Flexi Bar is a brilliant piece of kit which will increase your metabolic rate, improve your posture, tone your body, increase shoulder stability and give you the best abs!

Many celebrity personal trainers use it with their clients, it is great for pre and post natal, post surgery rehab and for sports performance…

We are doing an order tomorrow – Thurs 21st October – and you can get a LIMITED Edition Flexi Bar (usually Red, but you can also choose from Blue, Light Blue & Green!) for only £47just let us know if you would like one by calling Kim on 07720 845849 or posting a comment. You will also get a FREE poster and DVD – now thats a good budget deal!

Another useful piece of kit if the Xco Bars – brilliant for toning and improving your running/waling style – £50 for a set.

To find out more about either products visit:

To become a Certified Flexi Bar Trainer look out for our REPS Registered Courses starting in 2011.

To have a 1;1 session to get the most from the Flexi Bar – or arrange a small group training session to improve your posture and get great abs – contact Kim on 07720 845849.