Italy Round Up & our Winner’s Thoughts…

Our 7th Fully Booked Italian Fitness Camp was just brilliant.  We had such a great group of people, I had a great team and the sun shone.  Just Brilliant.

The location simply is stunning, especially when the sun shines combined with fresh food, regular exercise, goal setting, adventures and fun.

The aim of the Camp is to help people to feel good, both physically and mentally. To be challenged to stretch their boundaries, re energise, learn about healthy cooking, eating, setting goals.

So what did we do….. here is a quick round up!

Physically we ran up the Tuscan hills, sprinted along the flats and jogged along some beautiful routes as the mist rose in the early morning, we boxed, did strength work, core work, Flexi Bar, resistance bands, running techniques, Tabata, stretching, foam rolling and more. Each session was different, challenging and balanced.  Mentally, we had talks and discussion around nutrition, wellbeing, sleep, healthy eating, planning, body confidence, being kind to yourself, setting goals, being accountable, getting uncomfortable to change something for the positive and planning for the big goals in the future.  Generally people chatted, relaxed, explored Lucca and Florence, swam in the pool, read, wrote, laughed, had physio treatments, 1;1 NLP sessions and ate wonderful fresh food.  We finished the week with guidfed visualisation and hypnotherapy … embedding all the positive changes and goals, with some people taking several attempts to come out of their ‘trance’ state!

Altogether we just had an Energised Time!  There was a huge range of abilities and ages, from walkers to triathletes, late 20’s to late 60’s but everyone supported each other, learned from each other and gained so much.

It really was a brilliant, and I think our Best Camp Yet.  I would like to give a HUGE Thank you to my positive, happy, wonderful Team who made it happen, including Head Chef Jenny (if you would like cooking lesson’s with her just let us know), Head Physio Lucy (if you want to go fell running just let us know, great races in the Autumn), Sous Chef Andrea for all her amazing support and work, and Coach Ross.  If the words, you are a refection of the 5 people you spend the most time with, this was a pretty good team to spend time with, combined with the great group of guests.

So to Tim, Debbie, Dave, Debbie, Felicity, Sharon, Lindsay, Rich, Simon, Suzanne, Joss, Rhona and Dee (who deserves a Big well done as she has been to nearly all the Italy Camps!) – a MASSIVE WELL DONE and thank YOU all for being a fantastic group. I look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Meal (everyone is welcome) on 16th July if not before.

One client emailed to say,”Thank you for giving me the tools and inspiration to be my very best from now on……” Our pleasure! 

Below is a summary from our winner, who won a place from B-Fit Expo in January, Debbie Baber – thank you Debbie, you were a star!

” Well I still can’t believe that it was me that won the Italy trip; I certainly was one lucky lady!!

This trip has been totally amazing the location of IL Borghino is absolute paradise the sun shone everyday which meant you were able to see for miles and the views are breath taking.  This helped when we were out for our early morning runs as there is so much to look at you actually forget you are running.  For those that don’t know me, I am not the fittest of people so I was very surprised that on the first morning I had jogged/walked 6k in 50mins, had to do the walking part as there are a lot of hills.  I can hear Kim now saying “Hills are good, Hills are your friends” My friends (the hills) certainly became more challenging as the week went on.  I achieved so much in Italy that I never thought I could possibly do, Kim and everybody there certainly are inspirational people, I love how they all give you such encouragement and support to believe in yourself.

 I have come away from this experience with so many useful tools to make my goals so much more achievable. The week was filled with awesome people, great food and a variety of great exercise.  I now have new friends who I can meet regularly to run, chat and support, I have a book of recipes that the talented Jenny prepared for us all week.  (I made homemade pesto the other day so much more scummier than the jars) thanks Jenny for the tip.  We had a wonderful day out in Florence and Lucca (Dave and I rode tandem around the city walls of Lucca, such a great way of travelling).  I’m gutted that the trip had to come to an end as I was having such an amazing time,  I would like to thank each and everyone of you that went to Italy especially Kim for the support, fun and laughter we shared, you are all truly wonderful people.

To everyone that enjoys exercise, food and company this really is something you should experience, I’m certainly putting my name down for the next one, Can’t wait.”

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Our Next Camp will be a Kick Start Weekender in January 2013 in the Chew Valley, Bristol.