Get out of your Comfort Zone & Walk on Fire for Charity with Jan!

Jan is a wonderful Energised Client, inspiring, supportive to many and always full of crazy ideas & motivation.  She works at Sweatshop in Bristol, and is always looking after many Energised Clients. Personally if I am half as Energised and motivated when I am her age(see the end of her blog), I will be very happy. Jan definitely inspires me, and I am more than happy to support her quest to walk on fire, raise money for an amazing charity and given Darren’s memory a ‘glow’. He was a good man. Have a read of what Jan as to say & get involved.  If you don’t live in Bristol, you could make a weekend of it, come to our Big Bootcamp on Saturday morning and Walk on Fire in the evening! What more could you want…. are you in – Saturday 6th October?!
Jan say’s….
I went to Kim’s Achieve Your New Year Resolutions session in January and it kick-started the year for me. Three years ago I decided to raise £6000 for cancer charities instead of having “Big Birthday” presents. I raised £4000 but lost motivation after my friend and colleague, Darren Gordon, died in September 2009. He’d been diagnosed with terminal cancer nine months previously and had been 27 the week before my birthday. When I realised he’d have been 30 this year I thought I’d make it £3000, £100 for every decade.

So what did that workshop tell me? Among other things…………………..

Get out of your comfort zone – I’m planning a fire-walk on 6th October at David Lloyd, Westbury, Bristol -yes, it does what it says on the tin. I, with a gang of other people, will be walking across hot coals and raising £3000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity, who hold all funds raised in darren’s name and are doing research into the cancer which affected him.

Learn to believe in yourself to make things happen – I wanted to do it and the only way I could see was to organise an event myself. A professional company will be doing it – I’m not just lighting a big barbecue and sending people over it!

The right support team – it’s a lot to organise by yourself. Big thanks to the team at David Lloyd who’ve offered help in various ways (and several have signed up for the walk)  and a friend has offered to organise a “hot” themed lucky dip. I wanted a bran tub so we’re wondering about calling it a hot tub!

Kim and many of Team Energised keep me going: several have signed up already to walk but the more the merrier (and we should be very merry!) If you’d like to join us you can contact me through Facebook or via Kim or sponsor me on…/showFundraiserProfilePage.action.

And for those who don’t know me, just in case anyone thinks I’m a daring young person who’s done sporty things all her life, I’ll just add that I’m 63 and all my school reports said how quiet and shy I was. I don’t think I had much in the way of comments for PE because I was usually hiding in the toilets.

So…….out of my comfort Zone…………….. you bet!

Jan x