EP Sport’s Therapist Gail’s Charity Adventures & Green Storm Gifts!

As we head into the summer tis the season of challenge events. I’m a little addicted myself as I find they are great motivators for a number of factors.
First and foremost is the charity that the funds support and there are many worthy causes.

Second is the challenge itself, be it throwing yourself off a bridge, a Marathon or some other crazy exciting adventure – someone I know travelled by 4×4 all the way from the UK to Mongolia raising funds on the way.
Having a deadline in the form of an event can help you to reach a particular goal e.g. a certain level of fitness or dropping a dress size or two.  And depending on the event it can mean trying a completely different form of training – our Felicity Hula Hooping the Race for Life is a perfect example!
These events are also great opportunities to get friends involved or help support them with a goal. A friend of mine had always wanted to see Machu Picchu in Peru, wanted to try out a challenge event after hearing me weaselling over mine and to help her get fit – the perfect solution was the Inca Trail Trek! She was a little hesitant until I said we’d do the trek together; we got each other through the training and the trek, it was awesome ☺

Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge: Machu Picchu training, peak 2 with Pikachu
Good training is essential for these events as you’re more likely to actually enjoy the challenge rather than just getting through it. It gives you the opportunity to see what’s around you and make the most of the experience as for most people they’ll only do this once. It also allows for life to happen – on the 2nd day of a 3 day cycle from London to Paris I slipped down some stairs and twisted my ankle. My training meant that yes it was decidedly uncomfortable but achievable and I still had a cheeky grin on my face.
And lastly, the fundraising:
As a serial eventer I personally stopped asking for sponsorship after the first big one, a fun 300mile (500km) bike ride from Krakow to Warsaw, and started organising events where participants would get something for their money as well supporting a charity. For me personally this is the hardest part, I’m not a natural speaker so selling events and being a quizmaster is kind of akin to torture ☺  But every time I move out of my comfort zone, mentally or physically, I grow stronger as a person.

One effort that failed actually gave rise to the jewellery I now make and sell regularly for charity – I do like shiny stuff! If anyone is doing any fundraising for charity and selling my jewellery would be appropriate do get in touch as I’m more than happy to help (www.greenstormdesignerjewellery.co.uk).

Do contact the team if you’re thinking of trying out a challenge event for the first time or if you’d like a bit of support – it’s what we’re here for and always a pleasure. And as always, Paul and Kim are available for massage during the week and I’m available on Saturday’s.