Don’t wait until you over to realise you are off Balance…

I hope you are all looking forward to a great month of June!  Below is a thought provoking, good blog from EP Coach Alex, about the importance of Balance in ones life.  This is really timely following some brilliant Impact Business Seminars with Danone UK in London, on just this topic. Combined with the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend which will give you time to reflect and think about what you would like to bring into balance in your life right now.  If we can help you in anyway do be in touch, and enjoy the Blog below, Kim 🙂

Alex Writes….

Picture yourself at the Circus and a brilliant acrobat is walking the

tight rope to the amazement of the on looking crowd. Here there is an
example of a finely tuned athlete performing at the peak of their
performance, however if they should lose their balance then they will
more than likely fall! In this case perhaps onto an awaiting lion or
juggling clown. This is a light hearted metaphor of how the quest for
perfection can quickly lead to disappointment when equilibrium is

BALANCE within your life and training is key to the longevity and
success within your goals. There is a well known phrase that has at
times been associated with sport which goes along the lines of “ Win
at all costs” this could be seen to go hand in hand with long
dedicated training sessions and forgoing everyday normalities in order
to succeed. The questions I pose, are ALL COSTS worth enduring in
order to win? what is the impact on the athlete? and could they have
achieved similar results whilst implementing more balance into their

I will give an example of this, a few days ago I saw a documentary on
a famous cricket personality, In his interview he talked about his
successes and the opportunities he had been given to travel the world.
In the final question of the interview however he was asked if he held
any regrets, His answer came back as ‘yes’ and he went on to explain
how he wished he made time for a family so that he now had a son to
watch playing the game that he loved.  As he said this I felt a degree
of sadness for him and there was a definite look of anguish in his
eyes, I couldn’t help but think to myself could he not have done both?
And it was this that prompted me to write this short blog.

Dedication to training, diet , improving technique ( the list goes on
) are all hugely admirable traits and the time spent doing these
ultimately falls to the individual, the point im trying to encourage
is to pay similar attention to those things which bring balance back
into your life, this could be spending time with friends and family,
resting from training, even working! These things are as important to
success as the first list and should help to bring about both a mental
and physical re charging.

If your ever at the point where you  think that your training has
taken you out of balance then it probably has! Take time now to plan
in some time for the other pursuits of happiness in your life and you
will more than likely reap the rewards.
This is not an argument to curb goals neither to not push your
limitations it’s just something to bare in mind as you progress and
advance your training.

Remember one day your running shoes will be placed to one side for the
last time  and you should feel happy and content that you have enjoyed
all the pleasures  life has to offer and not lost some for another lap
of a track that could have been left aside for another day.

You could even go to the circus.

If you are in Bristol I highly recommend the Invisible Circus, 1st – 4th June – brilliant and our Energised Charity Bootcamp for FRANK Water & Bristol Rugby Foundation on Monday 4th, 8.30-10am – just text 07720 845849 for more information and to book your place! Good times. Kim 🙂