Come & Run Britannia with our Head Coach & Sweaty Betty…

With the Olympics well under way and the whole of the UK and beyond full of a great Buzz, why not kick start your fitness and get involved with the Sweaty Betty Run Britannia 5km Routes.  Suitable for every fitness level, lots of FUN and men are welcome too!  With lots of early morning and evening runs, nearly every day come and join us, and you get a goody bag!! Good times.

Sweaty Betty National Ambassador & Head Coach Kim will be leading out three run’s inbetween her Olympic commitments, so if you want to come and meet her, ask any questions about training, physical or mental fitness, confidence and performance, and perhaps even learn a few top tips from the Olympic athletes (and find out her favorite Sweaty Betty Kit!!) she is working with, join her at these times at the Sweaty Betty Shop: 

6.30pm Sun 5th August – Kings Road Store

7.30am Mon 6th August – Harrods Store

6.30pm Mon 6th August – Soho Store

She will help you with your running technique, pop in some core exercises if you wish and share her Ironman UK Adventure (which is why she may be a little stiff!)! Come and run the route with her and have FUN!

For more information click here

For Sweaty Betty’s great new Autumn Kit and their 50% Sale click here: and here

I really look forward to meeting some of you in London over the coming days, Kim x