Behave in a Way That Inspires Others….

Last weekend I had a really busy, interesting weekend and wanted to share a brief, thought provoking blog with you. 

I went to my Olympic Training with Jasmine Flatters, I have had the pleasure of working with Jasmine at many World Championship Events around the World.  One of the key thing she wants us to do, is to, ‘Behave in a Way that Inspires Others….’   I wonder what you could do today, in the way that you do things, that would inspire others?  It doesn’t matter what it is, or how little but what could you do, that would make a difference and inspire someone else to do better for themselves?  I wonder.  Do let me know.

Following this I went running along the flooded Thames, I should have taken a wetsuit and you can read more about this on my Sportsister Blog (up later today)

After a good recharge, I went to a Coaching Day with one of the most influential and inspiring trainer’s in the industry, a man called Dax Moy.   He just say’s it like he it is and is exceptionally wise.    I have done so many different coaching work shops, and really believe in continually improving my skills.  The day was inspired, with Kevin McLernon giving an empowered talk and Dax challenging our boundaries, stories and identity.   Just to summarise as this is a short blog I would ask you, to ask yourself.

What story are you telling about your life?  Are you putting out there what you want?  How many ‘nots’ have you tied about what is not possible and what do you need to do to untie those ‘nots’ and allow things to flow more easily?  I’ll just leave you with that for now, but more to come in the following weeks!   Choose your words, thoughts and the story you tell yourself, and others wisely, remember, you get what you focus on. 

After this… what more could the weekend bring!  Well two Mental Strength Coaching session’s with 2 of my long term athletes, heading to London 2012.  They have told a story of going to London since 2007 when they were 14 and 17 respectively. They have created vision boards and made it happen, through injury, highs, lows and believing they can be their very best.  What could  you do?

And I finished the weekend off fine tuning our Inside Out Cook Book, packed full of 30 Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner recipes… available to pre order until Tuesday 17th July at a seriously reduced price and get 30 Metabolic Exercises for Free ! If you follow the Rules we will guarantee you will get leaner, lighter and more energised or your money back!

So that was my couple of days. How was yours? 🙂

I aim to Inspire you to Behave in a Way that Inspires you to tell a Positive, Empowering Story…. and look forward to sharing thoughts and ideas at the Energised Summer Meal on Monday 16th July at Las Iguana in Bristol, or comment below and get involved. Have a brilliant day.