Amazing Week 1 of the Olympics…… what has inspired you so far?

Wow! What a week at the Olympics.  Amazing, Amazing athletes, inspiration, passion, commitment, courage, highs and lows.  Even if you don’t like Sport I challenge you to not be inspired by what is going on.  I watched a documentary about the ‘Minds of Athletes’ and it was fascinating. Just imagine the Mental Strength, as well as the Physical Strength you need to commit to years of training to reach the Olympics, and then the focus & commitment you need to Perform at your Very Best on that Very Day, in that Very Moment!  

I have been very lucky to work with several athletes with Performance (NLP) Coaching who are completing at the Olympics, as well as World Championship Level.  The dedication on every level they have, combined with the most amazing professional and support team is inspiring. 

The highlights are endless… here is just a summary 

Cycling: Sir Chris Hoy and his Team – 5 Gold Medals so far, legend!

Cycling: Gold & Silver – Bradley Wiggins & Lizzie Armstead – awesome performance’s. ‘Sir’ Wiggins just shows what you can do if you focus, time it to perfect and believe in yourself.  Tour de France & Olympic Gold … what next? 

Gymnastics: Bronze Men’s Team – did you see it?  If not, really watch the highlights, totally amazing strength, control, focus and commitment to each month.  And the core strength, something to be integrated into your workouts I think! Brilliant as decades since we last won a medal in this area, and the sport has changed massively. 

Equestrian Three Day Eventing:  Silver, brilliant Team effort and so close in the show jumping to gaining Gold with a Team of a couple of young horses, and reserves stepping in last minute means it is an even more deserved medal. And a event close to my routes,  having spent years Eventing, even representing U21 National Scottish Team. Good times. 

Rowing: Women’s Pair, Men’s Lightweight Four & Men’s Eight – Gold, Silver & Bronze – Woo hoo!  And the most inspiring is Helen and Heather who 4 years ago were the reserves, and put in a boat to see what they could do?  That’s a thought for you.  And in the Men’s 8, Greg returned 20 years later from his first Olympics having only decided to set London 2012 as his goal 3 years ago!! 

Judo: Silver, Gemma was aiming for Top 7, one of the most emotional, intense scenes and so well deserved.  She is hoping, like many to inspire others to get involved and had dreamed of winning a medal since she was 8, how brilliant is that! 

And so many more….to read and find out more click here:

What has been your favorite moment of the Games so far?  Do let us know.  

Sharing those inspirational moments will inspire you even more! Write it down, use it to your advantage and get involved . Bring on Week 2!