6 Rules of Success for 6 Weeks to Christmas…..

How are you doing today?  Now it’s November …. let’s do a quick body & mind audit…life

Take a minute and scan… how is your body feeling, how is your energy levels, how is your mood?  How is your nutrition, sleep, life balance and productivity?

From this, without thinking, what three areas would you like to make some mini changes too in the next 6 weeks in the run up to Christmas?   We can achieve a lot if we focus the mind, and commit in 6 weeks, so I challenge you to do just this… so before you jump into 2014 goals (which of course you can too), make the most of being present and doing something that your future, New Year self will thank you for.  You can tweet me @kimingleby, share below or post in our Facebook Energised Performance Group.

To help with this I found this YouTube clip, 6 Rules of Success: http://youtu.be/WBd05FQQPw4 – I really like it, from Arnold!! Have a quick look…

Here’s my Summary of the 6 Rules to Success, they might help define you mini goals for this year, and your major goals for next.. Whatever, make sure you are fit in mind and body, and if we can help just ask. Make sure you write down the answers too, as this is what makes the difference to action.

1. Who do you want to be?  What makes you Happy?

2. Break the Rules, think Differently and Outside the Box…. remove the Box (your boundaries)…. Dare to be your Authentic Self?  What would this involve doing?

3. Don’t Listen to the People who say you Can’t… if no one has ever done it, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.  If you can’t see how you could do it, work out why you want to do it, what you will gain and who will support you make it happen. Surround yourself by 3-5 models of excellence in the area you want to achieve and commit.

4. Work your Butt Off! Work hard and most definitely smart… focus on your end goal, put all your time, energy and focus into positively making this happen.  Get rid of mindless TV, social media & habits that limit your time. Positively focus on what you want to make happen, and do it. Remove try from your language.

5. Have Fun in Life – so important, keep the balance, make time for positive people in your life, let yourself go & be in the moment, laugh every day, free your mind…. be childlike and limitless, don’t worry about what others think, and definitely don’t compare… you never know someones story, it will just limit your potential. Observe excellence, and move towards what you want, yes 🙂

6. Give something back – 100% brilliant to give back, make a difference, make someones’s day, support someone who doesn’t have the tools and learnings you have, give a random act of kindness, anything …yet something, always.

And if you do that, you have learned the 6 Rules of Success and you will achieve good things in the next 6 weeks, I would love to know how you get on, so do tweet me @kimingleby and share below.

To your wonderful success, fitness, strength & confidence, Kim x

ps. 14th Dec our Make your Life 2014 Course starts… On line and a Workshop – to find out more email info@energisedperformance.com

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