25 Things you didn’t know our Coaches, Today Gail White

Every day this week we will be profiling one of our Excellent Energised Coaches and letting you into 25 Top Things you may not have known about them.  We thought this would be a great way to get to know the team, and perhaps inspire you to share your things and even stretch your boundaries to do something different.

Second up is Gail White. Our Top Weekend Sports Massage Therapist, Event & Charity Massage Therapist.  Read on to the end for a great offer with Gail. 

25 random things about me

  1. My name is Gail Josephine White and I was born in Beverley
  1. I used to have dark green hair when I was younger & I can’t have bare feet if I’m picking up a spider to take it out of the house.
  1. I have really small knee caps which cause some musculoskeletal problems, something I will always have to keep on top of.
  1. I wanted to be a stunt woman when I was a kid.
  1. I can be lost for days when I find a good book (or studying for my A Level Biology Exams which I have returned to ‘school’ so I can train to be a Physiotherapist)
  1. I make jewellery for charity and this is my site: www.greenstormdesignerjewellery.co.uk
  1. I’m not one for being in photos so I have my rubber duck, Bob, as a stand in when I go travelling. Bob & I have been to China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Mongolia and Russia. And I have many stories to share about the adventures I have had.
  1. If I go to see a band or show I can guarantee I’ll unintentionally stand near one of the performers.
  1. I’m a qualified physicist & sports massage therapist
  1. I got my first nickname in my 20’s….. you have to guess what it is
  1. My favourite fitness gadget is my bike – it’s a transport and fitness system all in one, looks rather snazzy too especially when I put my tyre-fly’s on.
  1. This is a little cheesy but true – my mum is my biggest inspiration as she encouraged my sister and me to be whatever we wanted to be. At the time females in science and other manly careers still weren’t common. Both of us are now science boffins, though I still think I went with the better option as I got to play with lasers!
  1. Said lasers, though low power enough to safely put your hand directly in the beam, actually gave me burns as I’m a little sensitive to UV rays.
  1. My de-motivational trigger: knee pain, particularly after playing basketball as it has many negative memories attached. And this helps me to help others when they are injured.
  1. Favourite thing about what I do at Energised is: participation, I love getting stuck in with whatever is happening and giving sports massage. Great Team to be with!
  1. It is not wise to challenge me to a puddle fight – you will not win ☺
  1. I’m not very good at receiving compliments, I find it embarrassing.
  1. One of my goals for this year is to get my car licence. I already have a full motorbike one but increasingly finding that I need to cart a lot of kit around and a trailer/sidecar probably won’t cut it.
  1. The hardest training I’ve done was for the Inca Trail Trek back in 2009. It wasn’t the physical aspect but the mental challenge of building up to 8-10 hours walking a day. I’ll happily walk from A to B as a mode of transport regardless of how far it is but struggle when I don’t have a specific reason only a time to fulfil. Fortunately the local Ramblers group kept me entertained throughout my training and I definitely enjoyed the pub lunches.
  1. I find it hard to say no, especially to charity challenge events, The Inca Trail Trek, cycling London to Paris and the London Nightrider are just a few.
  1. When I was in New Zealand I did my first bungy jump off the Kawarau Bridge, surprising the people with me as I didn’t hesitate and I didn’t scream, just had a huge grin on my face.
  1. My favourite sport to watch and to play is basketball. I am a qualified Level 3 Table Official.
  1. My favourite sportsperson would actually be any of the Para-Athletes, truly inspirational and dedicated people.
  1. On the rare occasion a client asks for a relaxing massage I find Enya’s music really good and I chill out as well.
  1. My friends say I do lots of crazy stuff but I just enjoy doing different things.

If you would like a Taster Sports Massage Therapy Session with Gail please just post a comment below, text 07720845849 mentioning the Blog or email info@energisedperformance.com.  Gail will help YOU recovery and relax with excellent Sports Massage Treatments, and reduce the risk of injury. The Taster Session will last 30mins, and will only cost you £15 – usually price of £25.  Offer until 27th July.  Gail is available for treatments on Saturday 9-2pm and other times by request at 12 Harbury Road, Energised HQ.  

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