25 Things you Didn’t Know About our EP Coaches, Third Up Paul Reay…. read on!

Paul Reay

Every day this week we will be profiling one of our Excellent Energised Coaches and letting you into 25 Top Things you may not have known about them.  We thought this would be a great way to get to know the team, and perhaps inspire you to share your things and even stretch your boundaries to do something different.

Third up is Paul Reay.  Our Popular Energised Coach, Sports Therapist, Bootcamp and Tabata Instructor! For a great training offer with Paul, read to the end. 

25 Things About Me!

1. My name is Paul Reay. I’ve never met anyone with the same spelling of my second name!
2. My birthday is 6 September 1986, making me 25 years old!
3. I have a small family, as an only child my mum and dad tell me i was so perfect they didn’t want any more!
4. I was born in Yeovil, Somerset and lived in the same house in Glastonbury for the majority of my life.
5. I’ve had a wide variety of jobs working up to where I am today including working on recycling sites, supermarkets, skip lorries ,school kitchens and coaching jobs.
6. I hold a 2nd class degree with honors in exercise and health science from the university of Gloucestershire.
7. Been lucky enough when i was younger to travel to some nice places in the world, my top 3 would be, New York, Dubai and the Maldives. (all very different!)
8. Other qualifications include Advanced nutrition, Boxercise, Core Conditioning, Spin, Kettlebell and GP Referral.
9. My first love was Manchester United! I still watch all the games on TV and try to get up to as many matches as i can live. (Long way though!)
10. Apart from my mum and dad the rest of my family lives opposite ends of the country. Grandparents live in the lake district Cumbria and my aunty, uncle and 3 cousins in Newquay. (both nice places to get away!)
11. I LIKE FOOD!! I seem to be eating continuously throughout the day, often hitting around 6,000 calories!
12. Living in Glastonbury almost all my life i should of been to the festival more often than once but the one time i did go was one of the best times of my life.
13. I need a good 8 hours of sleep a night! any less and it shows in the morning!
14. As a youngster i played football, cricket, tennis and swam. Through my teen years i got into inline skating but soon worked out jumping down stairs wasnt good for my joints!
15. I got my massage qualification 2 years ago at Cardiff Uni and have massaged at various marathons, duathlons and athletics meets.
16. Both my mum and dad are teachers, my dad teaches maths and my mum teaches P.E. this is where my early love for sport comes from.
17. even though i have lived in Somerset all my life i don’t sound like a Wurzell!
18. My favorite place that ive ever been is the lake district. (when its sunny!)
19. My first memory as a child is falling off my bike and cutting my head open when i was 3!
20. I love music, my favorite bands are Oasis, Kasabian and Paul Weller!
21. My First word as a baby was ‘ball!’
22. I’m Currently loving being part of Team Energised and am very thankful for the opertunity to be working with some great clients!
23. I’m a very positive person and try to be happy the majority of the time!
24. I would love to do the New York Marathon! (just an excuse to go back to New York really!)
25. I knew i wanted to work in the fitness industry when i did a weeks work experience at a gym when i was 14!

If you would like a Free Consultation or 30mins Sports Massage for only £15 (instead of £25) with Paul please just post a comment below, text 07720845849 mentioning the Blog or email info@energisedperformance.com.  Paul will help YOU gain results, get lighter and fitter today, and is one of our most popular Coaches, with proven success following our 6-12 Week Be Energised Fitness System  & getting clients ready for the London Marathon with Sports Massage. You can also come and try a Bootcamp or Tabata session for £5 in June.  

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