25 Things you Didn’t Know About Energised…. Read On

Every day this week we have been profiling our Energised Coaches and letting you into 25 Top Things you may not have known about them.  We thought this would be a great way to get to know the team, and perhaps inspire you to share your things and even stretch your boundaries to do something different.

Today, we thought we would share 25 things you didn’t may know about Energised itself & later our Head Coach, Kim.

 25 Things about Energised…. For a great offer read on to the end too …

1. The idea of Energised was formed by Kim Ingleby, whilst doing her Higher (Scottish A Level) P.E Project in 1996! Based around Horse Rider Fitness, she wrote to leading Eventers to see how much physical and mental training they did. And she saw a gap in the market, and a passion to change how people felt about sport, fitness and themselves.  Norrie Bairner, her P.E Teacher was unsure about at first abot the project, but became her biggest support & advisor at McLaren High School in Callender, Stirlingshire.

2. Whilst becoming a qualified Riding Instructor in 1998, Kim did a few session’s within the Equine World & through studying with a little card that said, just Energised.  Because of the batteries (!), this could not be registered as a name, so in 2004 Energised Performance was registered in Scotland and Kim began developing Energised on a part time basis.  In 2006 Energised became her full time business, and in 2011 Energised Performance UK Ltd was registered in England and began trading!

3. The Energised Philopsophy is to, “To Empower you to Enhance your life and Unlock your Potential. To give You the Tools, Support and Motivation to achieve your Goals, Feel Fitter, Stronger and More Confident, Inside Out, whatever your fitness Level. ‘

4. We have worked with over 3,500 clients from on line coaching to courses, 1;1 packages and group workshops.   Together we have done over 15, 000 hours of Sports Massage & Personal Training, 7,500 hours of Mental Strength Coaching.  Many of our clients have been with us since Kim began the company, achieving many great things.

5. We have clients all over the World, from Paris to Bristol, Australia to Ireland, South Africa to Israel, New York to New Zealand to name a few places!  We coach using Skype, email programmes, webinars and coaching calls.

6.  We have trained numerous ‘every day’ people to do amazing charity challenges, including a Team of 3 Girls to Trek to the North Pole for Breast Cancer, several to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and trek Machu Pichu, climb Volcanoes in Brazil, Trek through the Mountains in Borneo, Marathon de Sable & Commrades race to name a few!

7.  Collectively our Head Coach Kim and the Energised Team have raised over £26,000 for many charities since 2004. Next Event Head Coach Kim’s Ironman on 22nd July in Bolton for 5 charities, & Big Bootcamp on Sat 11th August for local charities in Bristol.

8. Our youngest client is 8 years old, and our eldest client 89 years old.

9. Over the years, we have trained and taken over 300 ladies to complete the 5km Race for Life in Bristol, Cheltenham and Gloucester.

10. We have developed 3 Systems which are Proven to Get Results.  The Be Energised Fitness System to get you fitter, stronger and leaner.  The Inside Out Programme for Complete Mind and Body Confidence & Results & Gain the Edge for Mental Strength & Performance. Let us know if you would like to know more.

11. We have worked with clients through GP Medical Referral, who have overcome Brain Conditions, Strokes, Msythenia Gravis, Cancers, Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, Eating Disorders (from chronic obesity to severely underweight), Heart Conditions (post by pass operations), Depression, Postural Problems, Diabetes and much more.  Our clients have lost up to 8 stone in weight and become fitter, healthier and happier individuals.

12.  Our clients are you, everyday people.  They also include GB London 2012 Athletes, Last Women Standing Contestants, Strictly Come Dancing Couples, Premier League Rugby, GB Canoe Polo, GB Equestrian Endurance Team Members, High Performance Pony Club Instructors, Swedish Lacrosse Team Members, County Cricket, Football & Hockey, GB Synchronised Swimming, GB Swimming & GB Age Group Trithlon medalists. We have also massaged back main stage at o2 Wirless Festival, Il Divo, Bryan Ferry & Peppa Pig!

13.  Since 2005 we have run Fully Booked Kick Start Fitness Weekend’s in the UK & Complete Fitness & Wellbeing Camps in Tuscany in Italy. Next one is a weekend in Jan 2013, reservations now!

14. Over 500 clients have been motivated, training and supported to complete their first (or PB) triathlon, duathlon, adventure race, 5km, 10km, Half or Full Marathon.  Whatever your goal, we will help you complete it and choose a race that suits you.

15.  Energised have offered a range of courses, in three ‘terms’ per year since 2005, all proving to be fully booked consistently.  These include Bootcamps, Tabata (High Intensity Training),  Flexi Bar & Posture, Kettlebell & Alpha Bag Small Group Training, Ski & Board Fitness, Little Black Dress and Beach Fit Courses. We have e-books for training.

16.  We have an Energised Clothing Range from breathable vests & t-shirts, to long sleeved compression tops, hooded tops and bags.  Our T Shirt, ‘Keep Calm and Gain the Edge’ was featured on the BBC Olympic Dreams with one of our athletes.  Other prints include, ‘Keep Calm and Be Energised’,  ‘Unlock your Potential’, ‘Be Energised’, ‘Team Energised’ and ‘Inside Out’. 2 people spotted each other on a flight to South Africa in the Energised Tops but didn’t know each other until then!

17.  We formed Team Energised in 2006, and since then have over 200 members and have three Celebration Meals per year (Easter, Summer and Christmas time), which are always fully booked an growing in size. We have had weddings & babies!

18. Energised has associate partnership with Torq, Infinity Pro, Nuun, Elete Water, EZ Sport, TriGirl, Moti, Sweatshop, Sport Tape, Natural Balanced Foods and is a National Ambassador for Sweaty Betty & Shock Absorber.  This mean’s our Team Energised Clients get great discounts and offers! We have a strong associate network of osteopaths, podiatrists, acupuncturists, nutritionist etc believing referral is key to optimal results.

19. Energised are regularly writing for the press, with monthly features & top tips in Men’s Health, Women’s Fitness, Runner’s World, Triathlon Plus, Ultrafit, Zest, Health & Fitness, Fitpro Vitual, Fitpro Magazines, Men’s Fitness, Triathlete’s World, Top Sante, Essentials, Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Clifton Life, Bristol Magazine, Bristol Evening Post and more. We write blogs for Sportsister & Running Bug on Line, with over 9,000 hits this year alone. Any features you would like just let us know.

20.  We have 96 Youtube video’s with lots of information and training tips (with over 8,000 views), over 2,000 people following us on Twitter (@kimingleby) and over 500 ‘likes’ on our Facebook Pages (Energised Performance and Mental Strength). Please join us for daily tips and to answer any questions.

21.  We have travelled throughout the UK and abroad presenting our Mental Strength Performance Workshops to many groups including Triathlon & Running Clubs, Sports Teams and open invites and our Body Confidence Inside out Workshops to teenage groups of girls, at national shows and open invites. We presented at B-Fit Expo in London 2012, and look out for exciting National (& International) Events in 2013.

22.  Energised have been around the World as Senior Sports Massage Therapist for the GB Traithlon Team, on GMTV giving Postural Tips and Local Radio for our Charity Advice and work.

23.  Energised have a great Team, including Coaches Alex, Paul and Sarah, Sports Therapist Gail, Physio Lucy, Chef Jenny, Book Keeper Claire and our Award Winning Head Coach Kim.  Our aim is to help YOU have the courage to make your goals happen and believe in you.

24. Energised Business is linked with Energised Performance and offers Impact Seminars, Workshops and 1;1 Coaching with Business to enhance employee wellbeing, health, confidence and performance. Our clients have included the BBC, Danone & Google.  Kim Ingleby Media does exactly what it says, and Kim works with the Media as a Confidence and Performance Expert.

25.  Energised Performance is all about YOU.  So if we can help you reach your goals, whatever they may be, just let us know.  We would be more than happy to have a chat with you, and help you to make your goals happen.  Become more confident, fitter, stronger, lighter, leaner and more Energised.  Whatever, we are passionate about supporting you, and have the tools  & knowledge to do so.

Thank YOU all for supporting Energised and if there is anything else we can do to improve our service to you, just let us know!

If you would like a Free Consultation or to save 7% off any Weekly Course Booked from now until 16th July, just text 07720845849 mentioning the Blog or email info@energisedperformance.com.We will help YOU gain results today, whatever your goal may be. 

Later This Evening…:Our Head Coach Kim …