25 Random Things You May Not Know About our Head Coach, Kim

Following our  25 Random Things About our Wonderful Energised Team of Coaches, Alex, Paul, Gail & Sarah and Energised Performance itself, we thought it was about time our Head Coach and the Founder of Energised shared her 25 Random Things too!

The idea was gained from an inspiring, leading trainer in the UK called Dax Moy who shared 25 Random Things About himself last month.  He encourages you to share your story, and allow others to get to know you a little better, so you can help them even more. He has many on line programmes, an outstanding training studio, educational systems and so much more. Basically, check him out!

So, thank you to Dax for encouraging me to ask my Team to share their 25 Things, thank you to my Team for doing so and if you would like to share your 25 Random Facts, please feel free to comment and do just that at the end!  It would be a pleasure to get to know you better, share and have fun with the Random Facts.

And now I’ll get on with my 25 Random Facts!

1. I was born in Aberdeenshire and have lived all over the UK. I consider myself Scottish, even though I now live in Bristol & have no real accent!  I’m a proud Heinz 57 with family in Zimbabwe, Jerusalem ( and a Family Charity, The Spafford Children’s Centre in the Old City of Jerusalem) & New York, and roots in Yorkshire & Sweden and potentially other places!

2. My name is Kim Louise Ingleby, born on 24th September and still being asked for ID in Tesco (which is nice). I will be 34 this year & I’m on the cusp between Libra & Virgo. Kim mean’s Friend of all the World & Leader of the Warriors…. Caring, Intelligent, Heart of Gold, Lively Sense of Humour, Grounded, Sure and Bold. I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

2. I have a wonderful Mum & Dad.  I am the eldest with 2 Brothers, Mungo & Fred, Sister Rosie , Step Mother Elizabeth, Step Sister Ella, Wonderful Boyfriend Ross, 1 God Child, Isabella, 1 ‘Special’ Child (non religious) Poppy, a huge number of cousin’s & a wide group of friends around the World & No Grandparents. You all inspire me in many ways & are beautiful, individual, wonderful people I am fortunate to have in my life.

3. My friends and family call me many things…… Kimmie, Kimbo, Inglebum, Bambi, Pob, Ingles, Kimmage, Kimberly, Tigger, Zebedee, Kimpossible & I am sure there are others! A cartoon strip has been suggested.

4. I used to be painfully shy and avoid social situations, and presenting anything, anywhere at all lengths, right up until my PT group exercise exams when I tried to persuade the examiner, Marcia I would only ever do 1:1. She made me do the group teaching assessment, the following day I got asked to take on a Spinning Class to cover maternity leave, and the rest they say is history!  I am passionate about getting my knowledge and support out to help people, and now I really enjoy presenting. I have presented numerous times at National Events, Workshops throughout the UK and abroad & more exciting ones to come in 2013. 

5. I have a degree in International Business Management, majored in Economics & Accounts and won the Journalism Award.  I won the Geography and P.E Prize at School and have 5 Higher’s.  I did my placement with Crew Clothing Head Office, and went to Army Selection Trials (but decided I was too independent & no good at Maths – see later) The concept of Energised Performance was formed when I was 16 with Norrie Bairner, my P.E Teacher at McLaren High School.

6. I have been on GMTV as a Fitness Expert and part of a Fitness Team for the programme Simply the Best with Mark Foster, one challenge was dressed as a Giant Plug and Mark had to plug me into the wall. If you can find that footage, it is hilarious.

7. The first time I went to cinema was when I was about 15 to see Mrs Doubtfire. I didn’t really watch TV,  just read a lot of books, listened to music, wrote stories and made chocolate brownies! I love cooking good, fresh food.

8. I cycled to my first job at The FarmLife Centre taking groups of people around the Farm at 14.  I wore a red rugby shirt, green overall’s and a cap saying ‘Farmer Kim’. I showed people how to make oatcakes, lamb a sheep, milk a goat, drive a tractor and then we all went to pick strawberries.

9. I went to Belize with Raleigh International and built a school, the most amazing experience. I was only 17 on the assessment weekend in Yorkshire and raised the money to go by organising a big party & having a big raffle, a ‘Crazy Night from 8 till 2!’. I have my  Bronze, Silver & Gold Duke or Edinburgh Awards and have resuscitated someone with my First Aid.

10. I got a beef worm (like a hairy maggot) in my head whilst canoeing down the river in Belize.  When it was hungry it was a little painful, and the medic thought it was an infected mosquito bite.  I had it cut out at the army hospital and still have an area on the left side of my head with slightly less hair.

11. I was really lucky and mainly brought up on a farm and love  the outdoors, mud, fresh air and freedom.  I can lamb a sheep, calve cows, drive all sorts of machinery (including lorries & fast cars), fly fish and generally get involved in farm life. We had lots of dogs (never a cat), guinea pigs, sheep, cows & penguins make me laugh (but we didn’t have any)! 

12. Horses were a huge part of my life until about 26 years old (and I am sure they will be again at some point).  I rode for the Under 21 Scottish Three Day Event Team, and worked for many people as their Head Girl, including the Tucker’s in Tetbury (Olympic Commentators and Selectors) & gained my riding instructor’s exams at Gleneagles, where I worked for a year and looked after Stephen Hendry’s wife’s horses.  Some of the happiest years of my life.  My own horse, and best friend was called ‘Party Life’, or Casper to his friends.  Very complicated character as he had been abused in Ireland, but once you understood him, the best horse ever. When I found Eventing hard to fund, I bought a bike which led me to triathlons ( competed in Hawaii World Age Group Olympic Distance Champs in 05 first season and ’11 Europeans), running  and general adventures around and about! I still work with Riders & present Fitness & Mental Strength Workshops .

13. I love writing and have been featured regularly in Health & Fitness, Zest, Runner’s World, Triathlon Plus, Essentials, Daily Mail, Ultrafit, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, Women’s Fitness, Spa Secrets, Bristol Evening Post, Evening Standard and more. I Blog for The Running Bug (with over 9,500 hits this year) and Sportsister. I have represented many brands/companies in Campaigns & Healthy Image in Sport including Sweatshop & Flexi Bar.

14.  I suffer from really bad hay fever, exercise induced asthma (and hay fever induced asthma!) & Rynaud’s Syndrome. This can make teaching outdoors interesting but I would choose this over being inside any day. Shellfish makes me very ill, and quite a few other fish sadly… and Aubergines, randomly! 

15.  I love learning and update my knowledge every year in all sorts  of areas of life from philosophy to culture, finance to fitness, science to people, I read lots of books and always have at least 4 on the go (plus a pile waiting). I love to write too, and have a couple of books in development, including a children’s book I wrote for my sister (she is 13 years younger) when she was 4! I love my daily quotes and inspirational thoughts of the day (which many of you will know!). I have 3 vision boards in my office at home.

16. I have been trained by some of the most inspiration & best people around the World, and look forward to doing more! I am a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programme) Practioner, Time Line Therapist, Personal Trainer (Premier Global when they only had 2 training centers!), Master Hypnotherapist, EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapist), Sports Massage Therapist (and travel with the GB (Age) Triathlon Team since 2006 to World Champs),  British Triathlon Coach, Flexi Bar Master Trainer, Life Coach all rolled into one to give you the best set of tools to empower you to believe in yourself, achieve your goals and feel good, inside and out. My main Proven System developed at Gain the Edge – Mental Strength & Inside Out – Mind & Body Confidence.

17. I have broken my nose three times, playing hockey, skiing and horse riding.  It has been re set twice, once as it was ‘hanging’ on my face and once as the cartilage was blocking the nasal passage and growing into the sinus area.  Not an operation I would recommend. I have also had train track braces twice, once at a usual teenage age, and once at 23 linked with the nose!

18. I was proud to be nominated and win the IFS Personal Trainer of the Year Award in 2007. I have been nominated for the Cosmopolitan Inspirational Women of the Year, Shell Young Female Entrepreneur of the Year and short listed to carry the Olympic Flame.  I am exceptionally proud to be asked to be a National Ambassador for Sweaty Betty, Shock Absorber & Infinity Pro in 2012.

19. Combined with Energised I have raised over £26,000 for charity, including trekking across the Andes, from Argentina to Chile on horseback (the most amazing, challenging experience), completed the Tough Guy, London Marathon, Sky Dive and this year I am going to do the UK Ironman to raise money for my best friend, Emily who lost her second daughter Ashley, and had to give birth in Saudi on her own, knowing she had died. To read more and support click here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/energisedperformance

20. I had a really challenging time through the years of 9-14 years old, which led me to see many people in many places, and undoubtedly has made me the person I am today and enhanced my skills, awareness and empathy within people.

21. I don’t drink alcohol anymore for three reasons.  I fell of a horse underwater and had internal bleeding in my kidneys, so was wired up to sort them out. I got a virus which involved three lumbar punctures and some more time lying flat in hospital.   I got a blood clot in the frontal cavity after the  second nose operation, involving another operation.  All meant no alcohol whilst recovering. It’s best not too give me too much sugar either!

22. I’m really bad at Maths and numbers,dyspraxic and dyslexic runs in the family.  If you say a number too quickly I will write it down backwards. I also cannot say the words photosynthesis and pomegranate.

23. I organised, with a great team of Energised Clients The Strictly Energised Ball which I co hosted with Gethin Jones, whilst Camilla Dallerup & Ian Waite performed.  The event was sold out, and we raised over £3,000 for charity.

24.  I formed Energised Performance in 2004 (see previous Blog to find out more), before that I worked in David Lloyd, for a small private gym and Matt Roberts as one of his first female trainers. Through these jobs, my great clients, mentor’s, coaches and colleagues I have learned so much  and will keep learning. I am fortunate enough to love what I do, and genuinely want to help others really unlock their potential,have the courage to achieve their goals and value themselves.  My clients range from teenagers to GB Athletes, Strictly Come Dancing couples to BBC Media, Corporate to GP referral, Body Image Coaching to Extreme Charity Challenges, from 8 years to 89 years old  If I can make a difference in the World, by just a tiny amount and help one person every day, smile and feel a little fitter, stronger, healthier, more confident in themselves and more content inside then I am happy.

25. I’m Optimistically Realistic, I like the simple things in life, I’m a little bit ambitious,  kind natured, sometimes competitive and always see the best in people (and want them to see the best in themselves too). I am full of ideas, I love interesting people,  travelling and exploring.  I bounce around and always have good energy, but equally like to relax and ‘lizard’ – I find it really easy to switch off. I have really long arms, little ears & can be a little blonde, which hopefully makes you smile!

A thought to leave you with this photo – have the courage to follow your dreams and learn to really like the person you are. Confidence and courage allows you to achieve things, move forwards in life and be the very best you can be.

For any advice, questions or support please do get in touch. We run Workshops & Courses throughout the UK, and are based in Bristol.  We coach clients all over the World, through Skype and internet coaching.  Let us help you reach your goals, enhance your wellbeing and performance, and feel good, inside and out. Thank you for reading my 25 Random Facts, do share yours 🙂