#WednesdayWorkout – National Fitness Day

Take part in National Fitness Day on Friday…..

Nat fitness day

“National Fitness Day, 26th September 2014 is the largest celebration of physical activity in the UK. Hundreds of clubs, parks and leisure centres are opening their doors to welcome you for free. We all know the great things linked to regular exercise including a healthier heart and a better quality of life. But many of us find getting fit a lonely slog and it shouldn’t be.

Research shows if you exercise in company you are more likely to stick at it. A combination of social atmosphere and camaraderie, creates a positive atmosphere and importantly helps us to have fun.

That’s what National Fitness Day is all about – providing the inspiration and opportunities to move.”

Join Mass Participation events being staged in London, Birmingham and Bristol – more details here

Or try free half hour sessions at a variety of gyms  & clubs – more details here