Race Day Tips for any race…. London, Brighton, Manchester, Paris Marathon’s anyone?

Wishing all our Team Energised runners the VERY best of luck in the upcoming marathons…. London … Ian, Claire, Suzanne, Vicky, Jane, Jenny, Fiona and many others …Brighton, Paris, Manchester…. Helen, Jo, Lauren, Elle Running Team and many others…. Plus all our wonderful Twitter & Facebook followers – go go go!! Do post a comment and let us know how you get on, and if you have a charity link please do share below too.

Race Day Tips for Your (London) Marathon or Triathlon

The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. — William James

  • Make a plan for the race day itself – when you will wake, what you will eat, how you will look, feel and think through each mile of the race and through the finish – plan when you will drink (and eat) along the route, mini goals and strategies if you start to feel tired or things niggle… then be calm, focused, relaxed and enjoy it.
  • Plan the week leading up to the race (including when you will register) well in advance, get plenty of sleep, eat good quality foods, have a sports massage (if you usually do), stretch, hydrate and visualise yourself running and completing the race
  • Pace yourself through the race and start slowly at the beginning – all too often people get carried away at the start and find they have done the first few miles much quicker than normal. It is better to go slowly to begin with and pick up your pace in the last 6 miles if you feel strong
  • Think about your technique and posture, keeping it strong and correct to run at your best and avoid injury. Remember to breathe, relax your shoulders and keep gait even and light.
  • Wear a pair of trainers you have run in for at least four weeks, but not over 6 months ideally, with a pair of socks you know are comfortable – use talc to avoid rubbing if that has worked for you in the past.
  • Clothing that you have tried and tested and know is comfortable – a couple of options depending on the weather conditions
  • Wear Sunglasses and a hat – especially if you are prone to heat stroke
  • Put Vaseline on to avoid any chaffing on the nipples, underarm, inbetween the legs and heels.
  • Sun cream even if it is not that hot – you would be surprised how easy it is to burn – put a layer on the night before to offer good protection, and avoid any burning which will speed up dehydration
  • Eat what you usually eat for a longer run at least 2 hours before the start, then only take gels and drinks that you are used to so you have no stomach worries
  • Stay fully hydrated – especially if hot. Elete electrolytes will help replace the salts without any sugar so good to alternate with your usual energy drink.


  • Believe that you can do it –  it is your race so enjoy it, listen to your body and have fun – be that completing your first race or getting a PB

Extra Reminders….

  • Garmin Forerunner & Heart Rate Monitor – make sure you charge it up and are happy with using it. Make sure that you are confident to run your race without it so you still know how to pace and enjoy it.
  • Compression Tights & Tops – scientific research suggests that they aid in the reduction and removal of lactic acid, help support the joints, reduce the risk of injury and improve performance. Worn after training sessions, and by many during training – especially the calve guards and full leggings if you are cold or prone to cramping. Just make sure you are used to training in them before race day – remember nothing new on the day! Visit: http://www.compressport.uk.com
  • Any niggles see a qualified physiotherapist or sports therapist for advice about running the race – and if there is any suitable taping which could help on the day. Test this out in advance.
  • Make a plan for the end of the Race: decide what you are going to eat within the first 20mins of finishing to aid in recovery, and start to refuel your glycogen stores. Have plenty of water and electrolytes – again what you are used to. Then ensure you have some dry, warm clothes nearby and you have a gentle stretch.

Extra more detailed mental strength Top Tips for the Day…

  • Model qualities and training from people who inspire you – A really important one tip is to choose two or three athletes who inspire you and ‘act as if’ you had those qualities.  For instance, you may admire determination, strength and enjoyment as qualities in different athletes. Watch how they behave, listen to what they say, and try to imagine what it would feel like to be in their body – then ‘act as if’ you did have these qualities.  It can be a famous athlete, a club runner you know, a celebrity or a friend – it doesn’t even have to be a runner – just a quality you would like more, and a person who represents that quality.
  • Anchor positive qualities for your race (with music if you like) Decide on the four main mental qualities you need to be able to complete your training sessions, and the race. These could be anything from calm, relaxed, motivated and focused to strength, power, enjoyment and energy. For each quality write down all the memories you have of times in your like you have felt, say strength and any people who represent this quality for you, and any music.
  • Each time you are training focus on these four qualities – breathing in what you want, and out what you no longer need (any limiting thoughts) – allowing your physiology to be relaxed and focused. If you press your thumb and forefinger together as you think about the qualities, it will act as an anchor point and enhance their potential.

Create a clear, positive outcome for race day – more detailed than above…

  • Take a big sheet of coloured paper (if you don’t have any …go out and buy a piece) and write in the middle “What do I need to make the London marathon a really positive experience” and then write down around it all the things you need from the qualities and training runs, to the clothes you will run in, the sports massages you will have, the money you will raise for charity, the friends who will be there, the food you will eat before and after and the way you will feel when you have completed the race – write down every single positive detail…. Make the outcome really real – a ‘Big Exciting Goal!’ and then work towards it and make it your reality.  It is also useful to put some goals down for after the marathon which will keep it in perspective, and help should injury or illness mean you need to postpone the race..

Then .. have your BEST RACE POSSIBLE ON THE DAY and enjoy yourself… 🙂

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Be your best, enjoy it and do let me know how you get on #empower you