#SundayThought: Remember this….

Remember this….love you to read my ramble & share your thoughts 💙

Have positive commitment & belief in yourself …. I know it’s damn hard, to get over your box of self sabotage in case things don’t work out & then sometimes sabotage in case they do work out – double bind, sound familiar🤓?

But think about it, think about you. You matter, just as you are, right now… I promise you this (even if you don’t feel it and countless times I haven’t).

So it’s okay to acknowledge this, to become curious and ask why…? How does this serve me? It will take work to change your habits, your thoughts, your actions – but it takes as much work to stay stuck. It may involve investing in yourself, withdrawing to breakdown the fears into understanding & growth. You may need support. All of this is okay, you have to trust, commit to you. You will need patience & determination, but I promise from the centre of my fractured, healed, chaotic heart it is completely worth it. Some things won’t make sense, but you have to find the understand to free yourself and move forwards…. like a dance.

So today – commit to yourself, whatever part which resonates…. growing what you want to feel, think, do, become.

Then be curious and start to create ‘that’ business idea, believe in love, heal your hurts, acknowledge and release your fears, open your heart, trust yourself, make decisions, nourish your energy, grow your strength, book your adventure…. or whatever ignites a tiny flame of possibility within you and whispers, take the risk…. 🙌🤸🏼‍♀️🏔💙

I’m always here to help, in person or online – a single month or more impact, don’t be afraid to ask…. well it’s scary to ask, I get this (as I get the fear committing to support as it’s committing to yourself ultimately to grow…), but do it anyway, it could make the difference to the next few months and years of your life….

And know this, life keeps evolving… you will always have the choice to learning and adapting, when you think you’ve ‘solved’ you, something will happen to challenge the next level of growth. I find this with all my clients including Team GB athletes, Strictly Pros & myself,

Big support always, Kim 🦋


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