#MondayMotivation: Do & learn different things

It’s good to do & learn different things… how are you doing?

Really interesting, diverse, informative evening with #powerofdogs for Dogs for Good – UK fusing brilliant speakers from outdoors, human and dog behaviour, film and TV production, with the incredible work the charity does,

Here’s a tiny summary of what dogs can remind us….
Slow down

🐾 Be present

🐾 Observe more

🐾 Not to judge or label

🐾 Always a back story which influences behaviour

🐾 Patience, trust and commitment leads harmonious relationships

🐾 To make plans but not expect it all to work, be flexible and present each day

🐾 Everyone and every dog is different

🐾 Love fully

🐾 Live fully

🐾 Walk daily

🐾 Eat well

🐾 Zoomies are great

🐾 Rest well

🐾 Be You, find your wag

All profits from the sale of my little book #52waystofeelgood this week will go to the charity and Ceva Santé Animale are donating £5 from every social share too, good times.

Do animals and / or nature help you to feel better? Love to know and see your friends and favourite places….. do share,

Big support and thanks to the great speakers, Kim 🌟 #findyourfeelgood

You can buy my book from directly from Energised Performance or from Kondi Gifts & Amazon.co.uk

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